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Oregon Trails Usage Rates​


Going rates for starting your journey are going to vary depending on the supplies you take, the size of your party, the kind of animals you are going to use, and how prepared you want to be, but generally expect to spend from $500-1800.
There WAS a fella known as 'Pretty Boy Floyd'. Rumor had it that he was a bit of a dandy.. And slick. Also, while robbing banks, he would often burn the mortgage documents the bank was holding, freeing lots of people of their home mortgage debts and saving many from foreclosure. He DID wear striped suits sometimes too! One of his contemporaries was "Baby Face Nelson". You likely aren't too far off your mark assuming these gentlemen would have used and loved your oils and lotions! Like a lady wearing nice panties 'in case she gets into a car accident', a bank robber had to look his best too in case he wound up caught and in the newspapers! No one wants to embarrass their family by having dry skin and dirt under their nails for their mugshots!
TEG - I often find that the speed of my sarcasm/twisted sense of humor exceeds the rest of my brain. I lack your willpower to not click these things. Sometimes I type the response and do something else for a while. This allows the more balanced parts of my brain to weigh in on the response before clicking post ;-)

Although now I can't get the image of a 40's gangster with a bright yellow striped zoot suit and flawless alabaster skin out of my head...

making harder soap methods; adjusting water to oil ratio?​

I always thought hot process was a hard method, being time consuming, etc. you could make it harder I suppose by making it on a firepit outdoors instead on using electricity. Using less water will make it more difficult to cook evenly, so yes, you could try that.
10% Honey - Help finding a thread

Ugh, I just hate it when pieces of thread and other random junk get into my honey! Have you tried holding it up to the light to see if you can spot it and fish it out?

PS - what is the other 90% of the stuff mixed with your honey? That might help us troubleshoot.
Pet dog soap bar research

Wow, finding a bar where your pet dog soap will feel comfortable is a tall order, for sure. I mean, you want it to be a very inclusive place, without a lot of judgey hair soaps - they can be so snooty with all their exotic oils and stuff. But you also don't want it to be super low class, like with a bunch of trashy day-old HP soaps with botanicals strewn all over them, either.

Please let us know if you find a good one, so our pet dog soaps can go there, too!
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