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  • I think this second message you sent me was meant for Bindu. Just wanted to let you know I received it instead. Rivka
    Hi Bindu,

    I am hoping that the black clay got there OK. I put off trying it when I ordered it, but it is easy to work with. I want to try some with color, I just used it with uncolored batter so far.
    I am trying to pick just five or six new FO to have available for the Holiday Craft Fairs. which is just an excuse to try new FO, really I have enough to make all the soap I would need. I am very bad about testing, know that it is important, but hate those little bottles with a passion! I enjoyed the post that showed testing. I had always kept testing to 4 FO, and I did 12 without a good system in place, it was like something from 'I Love Lucy'. I made such a mess!

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