March 2024 SMF Challenge - Stone Soaps!

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@Tammyfarms I just noticed you have a picture of your cat up there I have to say that is a gorgeous and beautiful cat.😻. I love cats I'm totally a cat person lol😂
Awww. Thanks! I love my cat. She is a brat at times but I guess that’s part of her charm. 😂 She is in my lap, not so patiently waiting for her supper. She usually gets in my lap before breakfast and dinner, occasionally after dinner. Mostly I think it’s just to remind me to feed her. 😬 Cats are the best. ❤️ 🐈‍⬛ Don’t tell my husband but I can’t wait to build a barn for my horse, in part because that will require (at least) two barn cats. 😂😂😂
Not_ally and! Those look real!

Curious about the black that what makes them look wet?
No, they were a little soft when I unmolded in the am after CPOPing so a couple got smudged from handling. I rinsed them to get rid of those before I took pictures, I think some were not fully dry. If I look at them in the light the glitter does show up, but it doesn't in the pictures.

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