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Nov 19, 2013
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Sometimes I see a title of a thread and my mind comes up with some silly ideas before I have even clicked through. Two examples:

Name for lotion: My mind started listing old-man names. I settled on Larry as the best name for a lotion.

Cutting soap: I was imagining soap that was very sarcastic and would say little mean comments to people.

I tend to steer clear of these threads until more sensible answers have been given :angel:
:lol: This is the first thread that made me choke with laughter.

I think it would be highly amusing if we all got on and answered according to TEG's rules- first thing that comes to your mind. It would make for excellent reading, if not very helpful to the OP.

I second this motion. :)
Well, then let's include this one! I have sewn for almost 60 years. When I saw this title, I thought "Why would you give titles to thread? And if one did, what would you give?" Perhaps "Mrs." for a nice poly/cotton blend? "Dr." if it was to be used for sutures? The possibilities could be endless!
TEG - I often find that the speed of my sarcasm/twisted sense of humor exceeds the rest of my brain. I lack your willpower to not click these things. Sometimes I type the response and do something else for a while. This allows the more balanced parts of my brain to weigh in on the response before clicking post ;-)

Although now I can't get the image of a 40's gangster with a bright yellow striped zoot suit and flawless alabaster skin out of my head...
Thread title that I saw today in the CP forum: "How much chocolate to add and how"

My 'off-the-top-of-my-head' answer: 'Lots and lots, and how!'

Another thread title I saw today in the CP forum: "What makes the fatty salts different?"

My smart-alecky, off-the-top-of-my-head answer: 'Mostly their diet of greasy French-fries, of course, which makes them much fatter/more rotund (and a bit saltier) than their slimmer salty cousins. And their language is a bit saltier, too.' :p

IrishLass :)

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