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  • Sorry these were all broken up! Program would not let me send but 100 characters at a time.

    BTW....I had been meaning to PM you to tell you that I visited your site. Very ingenious niche marketing! Yes, the art of being a gentleman has been lost...especially in the US! I was very impressed!! Very classy site indeed! Thanks for all your help! God bless you and have a beautiful Christmas!
    On another thread, I had asked, "What is SF?" And someone else said, "If you don't know what SF means, you do not need to be making soap!" Now what about all these people with attitudes?? I just let all that go, thinking that they all had a problem. But here I am, being rebuked for needing to know how to do things. Yes, I am in a hurry, due to Christmas giftings, so I have been impatient, this is true. However, I don't quite understand the rules for how to post here. I feel that each thread I start is independent of the others. If someone googled one of my questions, it would come up on a google search, whereas if I continue to post in one thread, that question would not come up. This is my logic for posting different threads. I don't feel that a history is necessary for the different threads. [/COLOR]
    There seem to be some easily offended, judgmental, outspoken people on your forum. One lady wrote a nasty comment because I had said, "With all due respect, how do you know if you have never tried it?" I don't know if you saw her response, but she was VERY offended! Now, are those types of reactions allowed? I did not report it because I just thought that she had a problem, but yes, there are some reactive people on your forum.

    Also, the guy whom I reported....previously, he had made a remark, "If you don't know how to calculate COGS, you do not need to be selling!" To which I replied in a very nice way. MY reply was deleted, for whatever reason, but his was retained.
    This is getting really annoying for the whole Modmin team, having to merge your posts together. If you continue to do this, we may well have to start taking action with infractions, temporary banning which can lead to a permanent ban.
    I appreciate your being there with all the wonderful help, but I must say that this is a very different type of forum. I have been on many forums and never experienced these types of rules and people getting annoyed. Shouldn't things like being annoyed or losing patience....matters of judging someone...personality clashes/issues be reserved for PMs? If people find my behavior annoying, they should not be publicly rebuking, should they? Isn't that considered to be rude? Would they do this in a classroom to my face? I think that people take many liberties on forums, emails, and TMs because there is no face-to-face-interaction and they say things that they would not dare to in person. It certainly does not make for good feelings.
    Also, please use the multi quote option and DO NOT post multiple posts back to back in the same thread.
    I do not understand this directive. Are you saying that I should not make more than one post at a time, even if I thought of something else to say later?
    After reading people's
    2 or 3? Please, let's not generalize.
    replies to the thread in which you reported a post (by the way, if you report a post, please do not respond to that post)

    Sorry...I did not think to report until after I had replied, but that makes sense.

    I think it is clear that people in general are started to lose patience.
    I have seen about 3-4 people lose patience...not people in general.

    Please clam down, or you will get more responses in that tone. If something someone says is true, you can't always report it just because you don't like to hear that truth.
    Just because someone perceives through their own judgemental filters, that does not make a matter true.
    PLease let me know what section then it seems very rude it seemed like the kind of question others were asking . I really need help and now I have to retype everything and in what section if I need help with marketing ?
    Hello and Happy Monday. I have question? what is the shelf life of 50/50 Lye solution.
    For the record, I was not trying to infer that you have ever been disrespectful. I meant that you can be very blunt in your responses, which defensive people sometimes seem to take as disrespectful. I, personally, appreciate that. Just wanted to clarify that. Also, thanks for all the knowledge I've gleaned from you in the forum!
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