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Jan 8, 2020
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Hey guys I’m new here... Found your forums when searching for ways to replace coconut oil in solid soap recipes because of allergies in our home... I have been looking at and thinking about making my own soaps since roughly 2004/2005 but just haven’t yet due to the expense factor...

Recently our daughter and myself have started reacting to the coconut oil in our bath & body products... For now we have liquid soap we can safely use from Ulta but it’s not cheap by any means ($10/small bottle) so I’ve been trying to go from the watching/learning about soap making to the starting to order ingredients bit by bit to begin making it ourselves...

If anyone has any recommendations for formulas we can start with that have already been tested and come out good it would be greatly appreciated so we can start pulling together the needed ingredients :)
Welcome to the forum Tina!
I'm new as well and still learning, so I really don't have any tried and true formulas for you to try. However, if you are not opposed to animal fats, lard is inexpensive and available at most grocery stores. A lard soap may be a good starting point.

Here is a link to help with learning about formulas and oils with regard to soap making.
Welcome, Tina! I agree with the suggestion to try lard, tallow, or lard + tallow. They both make great soap that is less harsh on the skin than coconut oil can be -- especially when one is allergic to it!

I was born in Rock Island, IL and grew up in the Quad Cities. Where are you?

For help formulating go to the Recipe Feedback forum here:

I would start two threads: "Coconut Oil free?" and "Ulta Dupe?" and just use the words you posted in your introduction along with the ingredient list from the Ulta product.

Definitely spend some time perusing the Beginners Forum where you will find a wealth of helpful info. There is a link to Learning to Soap Online that has several sources for tried and true recipes -- that being said, always run any recipe you find here or there through a lye calculator like

To save time, money, and frustration, this is a good read for a soaper at your stage of experience:
Q: What advice would you give to your beginning soaping self?


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