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  1. chirag_jj

    Soap SUNK in MIDDLE - CP

    URGENT!! SOS I made my very first batch of 100% coconut oil soap (in loaf mould). An hour after putting the batter in the mould, the soap solidified BUT the middle portion of the top part sunk a bit ... Is there any solution or a way to prevent this?? COLD PROCESS 100% Coconut Oil 28% of Oil...
  2. oremora

    please advise! wet mud in cold process soap

    hello! new member and first year soap maker here. i live near the sea and have been gifted some mud from our salt fields! it's great for skin and i'd love to use it in a bar but not sure how to go about it. it's a large jar, the mud sits in brine. i've been looking into it for a couple months...
  3. B

    I am new here

    I make dog shampoos. I cant seem to get a nice soapy lather. I need help. I use thickened water (I use cornstarch), castle soap, Aloe Vera juice, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, and essential oils. It cleans but no lather. Please, any suggestions would be helpful.
  4. K

    Help! Brittle Soap

    Hi everyone! So I found a recipe by the Soap Queen (Back to Basics: Simple & Gentle Cold Process Soap - Soap Queen) and have made it twice. Both times the soap is brittle and cracks when I cut it. The first time I added FO and ground orange peels. The second time I added FO and coffee...
  5. H

    Help! My soy candle crystalized

    Hi, i've been making soy candles for about a month using "naturewax c3" wax. Usually they turn out great or only have a sinkhole that is easily fixable. Last night i made a candle using brambleberry's "midnight waters" FO for the first time and in the morning the candle was set and looked like...
  6. Vickyn

    Small sized Molds. Newbie needs some help

    Hi guys. I'm new to soap making with CP. I've done melt and pour a lot, mainly because I have a really small apartment, but I want to control the ingredients and oils. So my issue is small sized moulds and keeping the mixture liquid enough to pour. I've read A LOT of advice on various threads...
  7. TinaB82

    Hi I’m Tina

    Hey guys I’m new here... Found your forums when searching for ways to replace coconut oil in solid soap recipes because of allergies in our home... I have been looking at and thinking about making my own soaps since roughly 2004/2005 but just haven’t yet due to the expense factor... Recently...
  8. S

    Tripled Oils, Tripled Lye, forgot to triple mixing space

    Halp! I made a bigger batch of soap than usual and didn't account for the extra space needed in my mixing bowl. So when I poured the oils in and then began adding the lye solution, I ran out of room in the bowl. In an effort to save my soap, I poured some of the already mixed oil and lye into...
  9. Loqueris

    Hot filling help?

    Hey all, First time posting here. Hoping someone can help! I make and sell a natural deodorant product that’s coconut oil based. Currently, I melt all the ingredients in a large boiler and then hand pour the semi-viscous solution into the individual containers. It’s effective, but tedious and...
  10. M

    Melt and pour and cp!!!!!

    I have a bunch of Melt and pour cupcake soap bases, and want to do some intricate piping on them with Cold process piping is that something that will work out? Has anyone tried this????
  11. S

    Help!!! Ants are eating my soap!

    help!!! ants are eating my soap! they first started eating after 4 days when i start to cure my soap. is it normal? the ingredients that i used are... calamansi juice (lime) 1.25oz aloe vera 1.40 oz coconut oil 7.2oz olive oil 8.8oz water 6.8oz lye 2.28oz tea tree essential oil 0.50 oz...
  12. R

    Thickening Liquid Soap

    I have made a liquid soap but I want to thicken it to get to a body wash/shampoo like consistency. I have tried added guar and xanthan gums and it either doesnt thicken enough or gives it a very chunky consistency. I have also been advised to try salt and when I added salt in, the base separated...
  13. xoticsoaps

    How do you count vegetable glycerin in a lotion?

    If I were to add vegetable glycerin to a lotion recipe would I count that as part of the water in the recipe or as an additive?
  14. C

    I could use a little help with my CP-soap.

    Hello! I'm new to soap making (it's so much fun!) and i could really use some help. I've tried googling and searching around here, but i can't find any good answers. This might be because english isn't my first language - i apologize in advance if my grammar is messed up. :) Anyway! So! I've...
  15. S

    Help! I think something went wrong

    Hello everyone, I am very new to soap making and two days ago I made my very first shampoo bar. After it had sat for 48hrs it had the appearance of vaseline. The soap was solid but had a transparent, glossy look. Now i split this batch up, most of the batch was poured into a bigger mold and...
  16. R

    New To Soap Making

    Hello Everyone me and my wife are completely new to making soap and not sure where to start I have her a place all set up and everything ready to go except for the soap supplies! I have read and watched so many videos my brain is fried! What is the best way to go HP, Cp, or MP or if anyone would...
  17. W

    CP lemon sage soap

    We have a friend that love lemon sage soap. Any suggestions on which sage to use? Also what amount of each? We are fairly new to the soap making. So help is greatly appreciated.
  18. B

    Soaping Troubles - Soft bars, even with multiple recipes?

    Hello, I am a semi-new soaper, having made approx 10-12 batches of soap, totaling maybe 25lbs of soap. Different recipes, different additives, different scents. The first many batches went very smoothly, hard bars, nice scents, etc, no trouble at all... But, of course, as soon as we start...
  19. J

    How to use F.O. in CP soaps and a slow tracing recipe

    Hi there, I have been making soaps for more than a year now and have been relatively successful with them. I used e.o. in the past and a couple of f.o. and never had any issues. I have been asked to make one with coconut and pineapple soap and I have tried making it three times and still...
  20. E

    Issues with my body lotion recipe

    Hi all!! I need help with my body lotion recipe. The preservative that I am using is affecting the smell of my final product. I am using 1.5% of Optiphen Plus in my recipe. This is like my third batch of body lotion and it is happening that. Should I use Optiphen instead of Optiphen Plus? Am...