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  1. Tuftyloves

    How are you offsetting the cost of Olive Oil?

    I’ve been making and selling soap for about 4 years now, and I really really like my recipe (below) but I think I’m gonna have to change it soon. The two pack of light olive oil at my Costco was $19.99 when I started, and it’s now $53.99. I definitely need to decrease the amount of olive oil in...
  2. R

    Tallow (beef) recipe feedback please!!

    Hi all, I'm looking for feedback on the following recipe using beef tallow, as I haven't used tallow before. I lowered the Coconut Oil from another version of this recipe to lower cleansing to 16. Any suggestions? Thank you! Recipe Oils, Fats and Waxes Oil % Grams Castor Oil 5 76.2...
  3. Nicolesica

    Oh Lordy, I need help

    Since I’m new, I feel like I should start off with I do know how to make soap. My son had eczema when he was little, so my only option was to make his soap—he’d break out using anything else. But they weren’t fancy soaps, by any means. Purely utilitarian. But a couple years ago, I met the most...
  4. L

    Trying to recreate Purpose Brand Soap

    I'm trying to recreate this brand of soap so I can make it myself but I'm not sure where to begin. It's the only soap that my wife can use without issue but I think they're phasing it out because it's becoming increasingly difficult to find in stores. The ingredients are, in order: sodium...
  5. stephswan

    First recipe - will it work?

    Hi Everyone! Complete soap noob here - I have spent the last month watching youtube videos and reading books by Anne-Marie Faiola just to get familiar with all the lingo and science. The last of my ingredients (lye) is delivering on Wednesday so I will finally be able to start making my first...
  6. E

    Using Powdered Extracts in Lotions?

    Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker! Been getting into make body products during quarantine... unfortunately because said quarantine, certain ingredients I use are either hard to find or really expensive. Found a local place (voyageurs) that offers powdered extracts of all sorts...
  7. TurtleK

    Allergies—Learning to Make Soap

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on this website. I’m pretty new here; I have been lurking for a few weeks and I’m still learning how to get around the site. I’m wanting to learn to make my own soap. I’m really creative and love making things and I think I could have fun with it...
  8. peachymoon

    Recipe help - making my first batch larger than 1lb.

    Hi all, This weekend I would like to attempt making my first batch larger than 1 lb. I am using the Crafter's Choice wood & silicone mold that hold about a 55 oz. batch. I actually have yet to use any of my first several batches, as they are still curing, but I wanted to branch out. I am also...
  9. AliciaE

    Thin crack on top of loaf

    Hey Ya'll, I have heard of large cracks in a loaf from soap getting to hot but I wasn't sure if that was the case with mine or not. I let all my soap sit in the same area and this is the first time I have gotten these thin cracks. They are just on the top of my loaf where I built up a little...
  10. TinaB82

    Hi I’m Tina

    Hey guys I’m new here... Found your forums when searching for ways to replace coconut oil in solid soap recipes because of allergies in our home... I have been looking at and thinking about making my own soaps since roughly 2004/2005 but just haven’t yet due to the expense factor... Recently...
  11. Mestiza Girl

    Need A Second Opinion - CP recipe

    My last batch was high in OO and I'm looking to reduce this by adding a new oil- sweet almond. I know everything is about trial and error, but I'm hoping to get some suggestions and opinions on this recipe before I jump into it. I want a decent lather and a fairly hard bar.
  12. Mestiza Girl

    Kaolin Clay Recipe Help!

    Hey everybody! I'm trying to concoct an exfoliating lemon poppyseed soap for my second batch ever!! My first batch used the same oils in the same amounts and turned out pretty great (all I added to that batch was rose fragrance). I was wondering if I could apply the same percentages to this...
  13. Kila

    Basic Recipes for a Newbie?

    Here's a little bit of background before I jump to my questions. I currently have a mold that holds 32 ounces of oils, something small and suitable for a newbie like me. I started with the cheaper, common oils being olive pomace, coconut and castor. I also have cocoa butter pastilles on deck. I...
  14. LexieLoom

    What’s a good replacement for sunflower oil?

    hi everyone! I would like to make a rosemary soap recipe that I found but don’t have any sunflower oil. Can anyone suggest a good replacement? ( I have sweet almond, rapeseed, avocado, jojoba Also... i have made some rosemary infused olive oil, is it ok to just replace some of the olive in the...
  15. Holoi

    My first ever M&P attempt, recipe advice needed.

    Hello you lovely lot. As I'm more scientific and a bit OCD in the kitchen, I identified, a long time ago, I'd probably be better suited to soap making than food making. So yesterday I gave it a go and loved it. However the results were not perfect and I be grateful of some advice to get my...
  16. N

    Lotion Bar with Kokum Butter?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to make a lotion/massage bar with kokum butter as the main ingredient. I'm hoping to avoid cocoa butter as it is comedogenic. I also do not want to use beeswax, as I'm trying to get as make it as similar to the Organic Therapy Bar by LUSH as possible! Would a ratio of...
  17. M

    Melt and pour and cp!!!!!

    I have a bunch of Melt and pour cupcake soap bases, and want to do some intricate piping on them with Cold process piping is that something that will work out? Has anyone tried this????
  18. N

    Basic Facial Cream / Moisturizer Recipe (First post!)

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here. I'm scouring the Internet for a very basic lotion/cream recipe but I am coming up short. I am hoping to make it with aloe and shea butter. (Very advanced, I know XD) All I need to know is how many cups of carrier oils, aloe, shea butter, and emulsifying wax I would...
  19. C

    Need Advice on Recipe

    Hey, beginner here! I'm trying to make a recipe for the oils, but I don't have a great understanding of what's needed. I'd love for someone to take a look at my recipe so far. Right now, I have: Soybean Oil - 50% Fractionated Coconut Oil - 16% Palm Oil - 15% Aloe Extract - 12% Castor Oil...
  20. xoticsoaps

    Can You Help Me Find Mango Seed Oil?

    I was working on a recipe late last night and I accidentally picked Mango Seed Oil instead of Mango Seed Butter. I didn't realize it until an hour or two ago. After I discovered this, I initially thought that they were the same, but when I checked back on I found that they have...