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  1. goldendaddie

    I finished my first batch of soap!

    I did it - I made soap! My first batch (on June 7th) was a beer soap recipe from Kelly Cable’s book: The Natural Soapmaking Book for Beginners”. The recipe contained: INGREDIENTS: ▪ 6.2 ounces water ▪ 6 ounces flat beer (I used Gold Coast IPA from Kona Brewing) ▪ 13 ounces olive oil ▪ 8...
  2. Bonnie Bells Crafts

    Saying hello

    I have been a soap maker since 2008. Had a business for a few years (Bath Time Suds), had to close ship due to divorce, since then I have only been making toiletries for myself and family. However, I plan to open up a new shop in a couple months again. Just looking to connect with others and...
  3. C

    Newbie to the world of CP soap making - Help needed :)

    Hi guys. :) I am new to this whole wonderful world of soap making. I wanted to try it for a while after watching so many videos of people making such lovely designs and thought I would give it a go as a creative outlet. I made my first ever batch with melt and pour soup base, lemon (I think...
  4. E

    Thoroughly new!

    Hi! I am an absolute soap making newbie and excited to be here! I am so eager to learn on this forum from your wisdom. Looking forward to this! Yay!
  5. Michelle Ponder

    Hello my Name is Michelle

    So glad to be part of this group - so much to learn and try - so excited!
  6. Kcryss

    Newbie Lessons Learned!

    7 batches of soap under my belt! Yay! Hoping this will help other new soap makers. I still don't have it all figured out, but I think I'm getting closer! Lessons learned from this forum that you will not learn from anywhere else (ex: youtube :)) 1. Olive oil soaps, whether CP or HP need...
  7. TinaB82

    Hi I’m Tina

    Hey guys I’m new here... Found your forums when searching for ways to replace coconut oil in solid soap recipes because of allergies in our home... I have been looking at and thinking about making my own soaps since roughly 2004/2005 but just haven’t yet due to the expense factor... Recently...
  8. EllieMae

    Hello from total newbie!

    Just wanted to pop in here and say hello to everyone! I'm a complete newbie to soap making (attempted my first cold process batch last week and it *sorta* turned out) so I anticipate lurking on this forum a lot in the future! Thanks for having me :)
  9. Nyknits

    I gotta keep my head on straight

    I find myself going from topic to topic...lol. It’s all so interesting and inspiring. I want to make all the soaps. But, I do know it’s all in good time. Today I’m trying a goat’s milk soap with honey. I may add some oats on top for interest. I don’t hve any fragrance oils, just EO. Maybe...
  10. Kevin roberts

    My wife is not happy. The kitchen is a mess.

    This is my third batch and less of a failure than the first two. 30 oz coconut oil 50 oz olive oil 11 oz lye 24 oz beer I’ve been trying to dry a portion of this batch that volcanoed yesterday in the oven. I’ve been turning the temp up a bit every hour or so. At 170 degrees, a portion, about...
  11. Skittles

    Hello from WA

    Hello from a pretty new CP’er. My daughter and I bought some homemade soap over the Memorial Day weekend and it got me curious about the process. In June, my hubby and I did a date night “couples soap” class. My birthday is in early July, and hubby gave me gift cards to get my supplies. He and I...
  12. NadiaLW

    Hello! Newbie soapmaker from Belgium

    Hello to all! I am from Belgium, south. Just finishing my marketing bachelor's degree and searching for business ideas. I am thinking of starting a local soap brand, with a subscription; maybe in the future. That's why I am learning about soap making! I have loads of questions, of course, and...
  13. Meena

    Hello from Denver - So new, I haven't even soaped yet :)

    Greetings! I am Meena, and soaping has been on my bucket list for 5 or 10 years (time flies). In a bookstore with my SO pre-Christmas, I saw an illustrated soap-making book and suggested it as a gift idea for me. Being the smart and clever SO that he is, what do you think Santa delivered...
  14. K

    Hello from Malaysia

    Hello, I am Kammy and a newbie. I haven't made any handmade soap yet because I'm still researching and learning before I start. Any tips for an anxious newbie like me? :)
  15. B

    Newbie from Minnesota

    I’m a newbie although I’m up and at it already. I like this forum and all the information it provides. I’m working my way around so I can maximize its potential. Thanks to all who contribute!
  16. Hendejm

    The presents are wrapped!

    Since I’m new to soapmaking I thought who better to try my soap than family and friends! So here are the presents all wrapped and ready for Santa to put them in the stockings! Merry Christmas!
  17. M

    Advice needed! My candle keeps going out!!!

    Hello! (Please see pics they may help work out the problem!) I am new to candle making and made my first ever candle last week. I have made it using soy wax and EOs (Myrhh, Cinnamon Bark and blood orange) and am very happy with the cold scent throw and also the hot. I have made these candles...
  18. Rebel Swan

    Looking for newbie recipes (with specifics)

    I am very interested in making my own soap, both for my own personal use as well as for gifting. I've been very happy with purchased (supposedly) homemade goat's milk soap. I'm not particular as for ingredients; I don't have any concerns or restrictions regarding homeopathic, vegan, etc...
  19. Lefty

    Hello from New England

    Hi There! I've been a soapmaker for about 4-5 years, and am now diving into the ins and outs of turning it into a part-time business. I have my first craft fair scheduled for mid-November (all of my soaps for the fair are made and on the curing racks), so now I'm working on finalizing insurance...
  20. Nutmeg Travels

    First ever batch of Bathbombs

    I love bath bombs and quite frequently will drop large amounts of coin at a certain bath bomb shop on the high street, so i got to thinking about trying to make them myself. So i placed a large order across amazon and the soappie shoppe [EDIT: actually is Soap Supplier] and almost everything...