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Mar 19, 2024
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Thanks in advance! I’ve made Cp soap for quite a few years without any gaffs. Until today. Found a coconut oil plus olive oil cp recipe that sounded good. I quadrupled it & added castor oil (a first for me. Usually make coconut oil and olive oil soap). It is beautifully mixed but soft as pancake batter. Tried rebatching but it looks the same. Here’s my first recipe & the rebatch recipe follows.
48 oz coconut oil (76melt)
80 oz olive oil
12.5 oz castor oil
19.5 oz lye
After a gooey result here is my rebatch attempt. Warmed gooey mass on stove.
Added 30 oz coconut oil with 7.57 oz lye (bumped up lye 1.57 oz plus what the new oil needed because it seemed low after I reviewed the original recipe).
My lye seemed very hot and active so I don’t think it’s expired. Would it be the castor oil? I tried to keep it low & I wonder what I should do. Thank you for your help!!


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I entered your weights into a calculator and the amount of lye you used was fine if you were aiming for around 8% superfat. The water amount I calculated is based on 33% lye concentration. I don’t think the lye was the issue. How much water did you use in the initial recipe?

So when you re-batched it you added 30 oz additional coconut oil? Is that a thing to do that? That's a lot of extra oil when you already had an 8% superfat. Your original called for 39oz of water according to @Mobjack Bay 's calculation. Did you use a lot more than this? I would say, 8% superfat, plus high castor plus (possibly) too much water could have been your initial problem. And then when you re-batched it I assume you added more water still to dissolve the additional lye?
My goodness, you made 10lbs of a new recipe? :oops: That's a lot of ingredients potentially going to waste when you don't know if you will like the soap.

Besides what the others have shared, remember that high OO soaps will take a long time to firm up enough to unmold, especially if you don't increase the lye concentration (i.e., reduce the amount of water used). Some folks have reported up to a week for these soaps to firm up. They also need a fairly long cure to become nice soap, and not stringy-slimy.

For rebatching, you normally would not add any additional oil or lye, just a bit of liquid to help it melt well. But yours was already too liquidy, so I personally wouldn't have added anything except heat.

After all the changes you've made (not all of which are quite clear to me), you may need to toss this batch. My recommendation for the next try would be to make a 1-2lb batch of this recipe, using a 35-40% lye concentration (not water as percent of oils). Then let it cure see what you think. :)