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  1. TrueGold

    Does Hot Process Soap Sweat?

    Greetings All And Happy Holidays! Newbie question: Does hot process soap sweat? I'm a melt & pour soap maker and wanting to go into HP (CP is just too long and bothersome for me). My issue with MP soaps are that they are prone to sweating in humid environments like here in Sydney, Australia...
  2. Jubilee8269

    The heat and hold method?

    I know a lot of recipes for bath and body products tell you to heat the distilled water to a certain temperature and hold it there for twenty minutes. I'm not arguing to skip that step because it does make sense. I just have a question about pulling it off. I'm in a regular apartment right...
  3. Piero

    How to understand when to stamp soaps

    Hello people, My second post in this forum, excited :) Together with a friend of mine, we started making some soaps around 2 months ago. We made some CP and HP as well. Now that we are a bit better with the CP, we were wondering when it is the right time to stamp them. We would like to stamp...
  4. TinaB82

    Hi I’m Tina

    Hey guys I’m new here... Found your forums when searching for ways to replace coconut oil in solid soap recipes because of allergies in our home... I have been looking at and thinking about making my own soaps since roughly 2004/2005 but just haven’t yet due to the expense factor... Recently...
  5. NadiaLW

    Rice oil or Rice bran oil. What's the difference?

    Hi!^^ I hope you are all having a good day :) So, I am currently making an Excel table with all the oils usable in soap making, their properties, how they trace, pricing,... But I have a problem with one of the oils. Apparently, you can use rice oil to replace olive oil. Wich can be useful if...
  6. K

    Hello from Malaysia

    Hello, I am Kammy and a newbie. I haven't made any handmade soap yet because I'm still researching and learning before I start. Any tips for an anxious newbie like me? :)
  7. Purplerain

    1st soap questions, questions, questions!

    Made my first soap a few days ago and thought I aced it, but noooooo.... Used this recipe: 300 g lard (tenderflake) 270 g olive oil (extra virgin - all I had) 30 g castor oil 79 g lye 228 g distilled water Also used about 6-8 drops of an essential oil I got in Paris a few years ago...
  8. Stacy

    Opinions on Canadian Suppliers

    Thanks to anyone who reads, whether you're able to offer an opinion or not. It may be a little long as I have background and a couple of questions. If you’re not interested in the specifics, please scroll down to the TL;DR section! First off, I have already read a few posts regarding Saffire...
  9. R

    New To Soap Making

    Hello Everyone me and my wife are completely new to making soap and not sure where to start I have her a place all set up and everything ready to go except for the soap supplies! I have read and watched so many videos my brain is fried! What is the best way to go HP, Cp, or MP or if anyone would...
  10. C

    milk soap put inside the fridge is soft after unmolding

    i made my first batch of milk soap. i put the soap in the freezer, then placed it inside the fridge. i waited about 12 hours from unmolding before i cut the soap. it has been 2 days since i cut it, and it's still soft. is this normal for a soap placed inside the fridge/freezer? and i...
  11. C

    oily cold process soap

    what causes oily cold process soap? :oops: i made a honey soap, and i let it sit in the mold for more than 24 hours. i did not insulate it because it was the instruction/recipe. there was a thin layer of oil on top of my soap. i blotted the oil from the soap and it's looking better, but it's...
  12. DiddlyO

    Not sure if this is gross, but...

    I have been doing a lot of reading about soap, silk, shampoo bars etc.. And I'm quite prone to experimentation... I'm on my fifth or so batch of soap and thought I would try a shampoo bar. So ambitiously, I thought I would make it with beer as the liquid. While reading I discovered people are...
  13. T

    Question about melt and pour soap additives

    I'm very very new to soap making. I want to make the soap mine as much as I can. So I bought some clear m&p(Crafters Choice™ Detergent Free Clear MP Soap(Is That one good?Again Newbie)) And I was wondering if I could add Shea butter or coconut butter and all those kinds of things. And how much...
  14. B

    Lots of newbie questions!

    Hi everyone! I'm very new to this forum, and quite new in the soap making business. Actually, I have never made soap before and I should be getting my first pounds of MP soap in the mail soon, and I'm quite nervous (still very excited though!) I ordered the mango butter melt and pour base...