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Dec 15, 2023
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Hello Everyone!!
I m new to this forum. I have been making soap for a couple of years now, I started noticing only now that my soaps do not last 30 days. They are pretty hard (could be the cold and dry himalayan winters too), lather a little less for a 26% coconut oil recipe. I used to add sugar before and have noticed it makes the soap too soluble. I have reduced the sugar amount and started putting coconut milk powder, it has helped the lather without dissolving away too much. Below is the recipe and these are the oils I use. I dont want to use animal fats or palm oil. I also have more plant oils in stock, like Canola, Hemp seed & Almond oil. I do a 40% lye concentration, 5% superfat and cure for 4 weeks. Please suggest corrections to make this a balanced and long lasting soap.

Shea Butter. 18
Cocoa Butter. 12
Coconut Oil. 28
Olive Oil. 28
Castor Oil. 6
Rice bran Oil. 8

Thank you so much, and I appreciate and am grateful for the knowledge thats being shared here. Thank you so much everyone :)
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Soap made with a high percentage of coconut oil is highly soluble in water. I either use olive oil or rice bran oil in a recipe, but not both as they are similar in the qualities they impart to the soap. Have you tried Soapmaking Friend? You can use the mouse to hover over the "i" to the right of each oil. It will show you the properties of that oil. If an oil is high in oleic acid, then adding a lot of it to your soap will shorten the longevity of the soap.
For a long lasting one you could try
Cocoa butter 25%
Shea butter 25%
almond oil 25%
Coconut oil 20%
Castor oil 5%

It probably won’t be a slow moving soap recipe. The longer you cure your soap the longer it can last as well.
Please suggest corrections to make this a balanced and long lasting soap.
Please take time to post a printout of the recipe. That makes easier for us to be able to offer suggestions. Like this example from SoapCalc:

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 5.34.41 PM.png