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  1. TinaB82

    Hi I’m Tina

    Hey guys I’m new here... Found your forums when searching for ways to replace coconut oil in solid soap recipes because of allergies in our home... I have been looking at and thinking about making my own soaps since roughly 2004/2005 but just haven’t yet due to the expense factor... Recently...
  2. Loqueris

    Hot filling help?

    Hey all, First time posting here. Hoping someone can help! I make and sell a natural deodorant product that’s coconut oil based. Currently, I melt all the ingredients in a large boiler and then hand pour the semi-viscous solution into the individual containers. It’s effective, but tedious and...
  3. R

    Total Newbie!

    Hi there, Thank you for letting me join the group. I have been talked into making my sons christmas gifts for his school friends and he wants to make soap for the girls! Now I am a crafty person, though my love is fabric, I wont say no to trying this out, even though it fills me with...
  4. S

    Help!!! Ants are eating my soap!

    help!!! ants are eating my soap! they first started eating after 4 days when i start to cure my soap. is it normal? the ingredients that i used are... calamansi juice (lime) 1.25oz aloe vera 1.40 oz coconut oil 7.2oz olive oil 8.8oz water 6.8oz lye 2.28oz tea tree essential oil 0.50 oz...
  5. S

    How long does it lip balm to harden?

    I just made some lip balm earlier today using (in descending order) 2.5 TBSP Coconut oil 2 TBSP Beeswax 1.5 TBSP Shea Butter 2 tsp Castor Oil 1/2 tsp Argan Oil just a teeny bit of Vitamin E oil some lip safe essential oils I thought putting them in the fridge would harden them up...
  6. C

    Pool of liquid in soap mold, Overheating

    I recently made a batch of coconut, olive oil, and aloe vera soap. I used two different types of coconut oil, one was virgin, unrefined and the other was expeller pressed; which together made up 60% of my oil in the batch (and I used an 8% superfat). I decreased the amount of liquid I mixed...
  7. C

    cp soap gone wrong. twice in one week.

    So, my two different batches of cp soap this week didn't turn out the way i wanted. First, my milk soap with honey and oats overheated so that it got a layer of oil on top. Fragrance really is the culprit. I have rebatched this soap after i had unmolded and cut it. The second batch gone bad...
  8. M

    Using Puree's and Juices in CP soap??

    I have not yet made CP soap, however I know of a very, very successful soap maker who uses real purees and juice's in his soaps. From all the research I have done about this, everything and everyone I've seen has said this is a huge no, no. Also, he does not use any preservatives. Can someone...