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Feb 11, 2024
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I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the active members on this forum and the help they provide for new soapers. My idea was to make a batch of soap late last year and hand it out to relatives for the holidays. My first batch was a YouTube recipe I copied and made. It seemed to be fine and set up nice but after running the ingredients through soap calc as recommended on here I was afraid to hand it out! Way to big a batch for the first attempt, way to much water and way to much lye. Since then I’ve been running everything through the calculator before making a small sample batch. I had no idea the amount of variables and chemistry involved in making soap. My thought was “how hard can it be, our ancestors (my grandmother) used to make soap all the time with lard and a bucket with a wooden paddle! Although I did find out later it was just used for laundry soap. So much information on this site it’s almost overwhelming. Since using the calculator I’ve probably made 6 or 7 batches. All of them with different oil combinations and scents. I’m learning and experimenting and now I know the batches are at least safe to use! Thanks again for all of the encouragement and help.
Thanks to *you* for being an active member of the community! It's great when new people ask for help, for all of us. It's great to able to help and to learn new things (and remember old ones) when questions come up. I think this board is probably the single greatest repository of practical soaping knowledge on the internet at this point other than (maybe) Youtube, and from there you could end up with a new soap but minus a layer of skin! So I'm really glad for all the posters, old and new.

ETA: Also, thanks for being a supporting member, that's unusual for someone new!

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