Marble #3 - Making a note here, huge success. (Still much more to be improved upon however)

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Jun 20, 2020
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What a past 24 hours. I made my first ever mica-line soap as well as my first multi-layered soap with different textures! (Photo results of the cut at the end)

Monica Fantasy.png
here's the design I started out with. I really wanted a marble texture but I'd take whatever I could get at this point. Here's the method I'd followed for this one, however in my angst to ensure an absolute reaching of trace, I ended up getting my black/white batter just a TAD too thick, really, stopping 3 seconds sooner and I would've had much better results. Also for some reason I've used TWO types of black colouring (Black "Liquid Pigment Dispersion", and 100% Activated Charcoal) and both of these have resulted in a grainy sort of texture (both in the colouring and in a clumpy separation of the soap)


Was happy with the gold mica line and the application of the pink soap on top of that, I fell a bit short of filling the mould cause the marble part of the soap started setting up a bit too much for it to pour (Seriously, I needed like WATER thin trace for it to work the same)

Anyway I textured it, added glitter, shaped it, and it was at that point I remembered that the fragrance oil has ~1.6% Vanilla content =_= So the whole thing tinted to have this browny hue 😔It's much more obvious in real-life, and I'm not exactly happy with how the pink mica ended up in the soap, it looks SO grainy


Either way, much happier with this than I have been with my last attempts. I can't wait to try it again and making the changes that I've learned through this process :)
Ooooh, this reminds me of poppy seed pasta we used to have back at home when I was a kid (yes, angel-hair pasta with a whole lot of ground poppy seed and powdered sugar -- it was the best!).
They look really great.
*Nods to the Portal reference
The grainy texture in the pink looked interesting. It felt like my himalayan brine bar texture lol. Wonder what caused it.

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