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  1. SpaceCorgi94

    Marble #3 - Making a note here, huge success. (Still much more to be improved upon however)

    What a past 24 hours. I made my first ever mica-line soap as well as my first multi-layered soap with different textures! (Photo results of the cut at the end) here's the design I started out with. I really wanted a marble texture but I'd take whatever I could get at this point. Here's the...
  2. SpaceCorgi94

    Next Attempt At Marble Soap

    I made the marble soap again, same colours, same recipe, however this time I used a much larger mould and used the flat bottom surface to make the "Face" of the marble texture. Things went a bit better this time! Still not entirely happy. The shapes look more like the album cover to Radiohead's...
  3. P

    Troubleshooting soap

    I made CP soap with the same recipe many times, and I need expert opinions from you guys in this forum because sometimes my soap turns like this (attached picture) with the same process and recipe. I thought at first it is because I am starting to master batch the recipe, but turns out it's...