discoloring vanillin and camouflaging it

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Mar 19, 2019
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Well, I have several FO I want to use that have a medium to high vanillin content...

Most likely I'll be using Hot process to make this soap.

I'm thinking about doing some of the batter brown or black and put the FO in that part of the batter.
I'd like to have thoughts on your experience if you've done this....

If I have a light or white color with no FO in contact with the darker ( in swirls or layers).... will the FO browning bleed into the lighter section?

Also, do I need to make any changes to my recipe or lye calculator since the FO will be only mixed with a portion of the batter.
It can. I’ve had it happen. You don’t have to change your recipe, just figure out how much of the batter will be fragranced and calculate the FO based on that.
Yes, the discoloration can bleed into the non fragranced portion, but the unscented soap is going to discolor less than the scented soap.

Also if you calculate the FO on the entire amount of batter and try to pack that much FO into, say, half of the batter, some of it might weep out over time. My experience (others tell a different story) has been that anything over about 8% FO is likely to weep.