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  1. D

    Hot process, refined vs unrefined, optimal temperature, lye resistance

    Hi, I'm about to make my first batch of soap and I would have some questions to which I did not find many answers. Does it matter whether I use refined or unrefined oils? (not for superfatting) My understanding of what really matters here is the ratio of the different fatty acids in oils and...
  2. DianaMoon

    Handling Volcanoes Without Panicking

    I am intrigued by the High Temperature Hot Process method. It seems that you should expect a volcano when you use this method. If I mix in a vessel that is at least 4 times bigger than the soap recipe, will that solve the problem of overflow? Yes, I realize that volcanos gonna volcano, I just...
  3. butter_fluessigseife.mp4


    HP liquid soap made with 40% dairy butter. Experimental dual-stage process with intermediate addition of citric acid to liberate volatile (stinky) fatty acids from the clarified butter. Satisfactory deodorising, good clarity, optimal viscosity: bubbles rise very slowly when flipped upside down.
  4. R

    EO in Hot Process vs Cold Process

    I've read in a few places that EO's last longer in hot process soap because they don't come in contact with any lye that can break them down, leaving only the scent and none of the benefits. Is there any truth to this? Is this something that could actually be tested (or has been) or is it...
  5. G

    Jewelweed Pine Tar best practice

    Newbie so sorry for ignorant questions. I've done a lot of research but need more clear answers. I began this adventure to create a great skin soap for my kids. Pine tar was the interest. This grew into a primary desire for a good acne soap for them which brought me to jewel weed. I'm honing in...
  6. omdougherty

    Help rebatching three week old crumbling soap

    Hello All! I have a question about rebatching because Im very new to soapmaking and it seems im learning a lot along the way. This recipe I am trying to rebatch after three weeks was a Hot Process soap recipe with 15 oz of Oil with 40% lye solution (I mad 100% solution at first with water and...
  7. Kcryss

    HP Oddities - SSS: Strange Soapy Science :)

    It's official. I'm never using vinegar and CA in the same batch again. My very very long cook times are down to under 30 minutes with no CA. So, at least for now, I've decided the combination of vinegar and CA was the culprit. Everything was going along great. The soap cooked in just under 30...
  8. S

    Please help! Lye pockets maybe?!

    I have made close to 200 bars of soap for a market I have this weekend. My soap molds are small and only make 16 bars so if you do the math I have made about 12 loaves of soap. Every single soap loaf has lye pockets in it, I think. They are these white blobs in my soap that leak glycerin. The...
  9. Kcryss

    HP Troubles - HP's Please Help

    I have tried and tried and tried to get my soap to cook in under an hour. Actually just an hour would even be nice at this point. :( When I first started making HP soap, the temps were generally around 150 to 170 during cook. However, I kept seeing posts about fluid hp, cooking in 30 minutes or...
  10. Kcryss

    2nd Hanger Attempt: Clays and Plant Material

    Made my 2nd hanger swirl attempt last night. Had massive cooking problems but have no idea why. Took two full hours to cook ... in a crockpot on high the whole time. Batter temp never went below 200. The only thing I can think of is that there was a problem with the lye. Ran out of one bottle...
  11. megaptera

    Another Wine Soap Thread - HP

    I read through the abundance of wine soap threads on the forum, but there are about as many techniques as there are threads, lol. And most are for CP. I'm planning on HP-ing a batch, subbing part of the water with some boiled (and cooled) red wine. I figure I have several options: -Add the lye...
  12. Kcryss

    HP Questions for Fluidity

    I made a batch yesterday based on a recipe I have made several times. This batch was far less fluid then previous batches. A couple of questions: Should dry ingredients be added to the oils or after the cook? Example: Oats, orange peel powder, clays not used for color etc. Do you have to wait...
  13. megaptera

    Powdered goat milk vs yogurt in hot process

    Hot Processors - Can adding powdered goat milk at the end of cook increase fluidity similar to yogurt? I'm up for trying it, but wanted to ask if anyone knew or has tried it. TIA
  14. Kcryss

    Hot Process Issues

    Hoping someone can help. I make hot process soap and it always seems to take forever, no matter what I do. This last batch, I heated the oils to 200F, mixed the lye and let it cool down to 200 and mixed the lye with the oils while still hot. Got to trace within a few minutes and applesauce...
  15. B

    I don't know if I need help?

    So yeah, I got into soap making (hot process) but messed it up a few times. Attepmt 1: used alluminium pot 2: PTFE pot but scratched the pot and the KOH reacted with the alluminium beneath. 3: the mixture didn't trace at ALL and after moulding it's still wet (72hrs have passed) Current...
  16. B

    Making liquid soap in the oven - doesn't become jelly

    I'm trying to make liquid soap in the oven. I've used a soap calculator with 50% olive oil, 30% coconut oil, and 20% sunflower oil. I've entered 3% super fat in the calculator, and used distilled water. I've got a really nice mashed potato after mixing the oils and lye, then I put it in the oven...
  17. Nyknits

    Photos of my oats, milk & honey hp soap

    (This is my 5th batch. I think I’ll stick with the simpler recipes for a bit.) The recipe has olive, coconut, sweet almond and castor oils. In addition there’s coco butter, beeswax and I added 5 % shea butter after the cook. The essential oils are cardamom, ginger, orange and a touch of black...
  18. Maaki

    Acidid Soap

    So, I have been been thinking of some ideas; especially that since the human skin has a ph of around 5.5 then in theory an acidic soap would be better for the skin? I know that some citric acid is usually added to liquid soap to balance the ph, but I have been thinking of making an HP batch and...
  19. Nyknits

    I gotta keep my head on straight

    I find myself going from topic to It’s all so interesting and inspiring. I want to make all the soaps. But, I do know it’s all in good time. Today I’m trying a goat’s milk soap with honey. I may add some oats on top for interest. I don’t hve any fragrance oils, just EO. Maybe...
  20. Dawni

    Natural colorant in HP series: Ratanjot

    While doing research I found some soap blogs that say Alkanet (the more popular of the two) and Ratanjot are the same thing. I've also found sites which state that they are two different plants, and so does Jo Haslauer in this article here. They do apparently give similar results so I guess...