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  1. Dwilson9

    Where do you buy your essential and fragrance oils? BATHBOMB

    Where do you buy your oils? For bathbombs!
  2. DucknBear Gracie

    Mixing essential oils and fragrance oils

    Helloooo again Anyone have any experience mixing essential oils and fragrance oils in CP soap? I plan on experimenting for myself tomorrow (very exciting! haven't experimented in almost a year now, used to be my favourite thing to do!) but I always love hearing other peoples experiences - I will...
  3. A

    Questions on rebatch soap

    Hello all! My first post to this forum; I have been regularly prowling about it for the past 2 weeks and I love how helpful everyone is. 😊 Hope you can help a newbie like me with some questions. So my favorite types of scents are bright, light, citrsy/floral types, very much "top note" heavy...
  4. Kosmerta

    Would you use a website dedicated to cataloguing fragrance dupes?

    I was looking at Crafter's Choice Angel type FO yesterday and I was reading the reviews trying to figure out how close it smells to the perfume. One in particular stuck out to me, the review wrote "I've tried a bunch of Angel dupes and this one by far smells the closest to the real thing!" And...
  5. Sar

    Fragrance pockets/oil pockets?

    Made many batches of the same variant yesterday and cut it today. Used an accelerating FO (Jasmine) in the medium-strong range. Have not added any colourant so its supposed to be plain white. Now some batches look all right while some batches have yellow pockets. I don't suspect they are lye...
  6. cmzaha

    Destashing Fragrances

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. @ Relle I did it right this time. :nodding: A few fragrances for sale as usual shipping is...
  7. M

    Fragrance oil measurement

    I bought a fragrance oil it is 2 Oz and it said recommend measure meant for cold process is 1-1.5% . I’m still new to soap making so does that mean 1-1.5% of the weight of my batch I’m making ?? Thank you ! :)
  8. VeggieOPeach

    How to Keep Soap Scents From Fading?

    Hello again, About two to three days ago I created two batches of separate soap and added the fragrance oils into the mixture. I tried adding enough (I'm still unsure about accurate measurements of oils) and the scent came out great. I allowed them to cure during the 24 - 48 hour process, but...
  9. T

    Blending fragrance oils candle selling

    Hi Im new to making and selling Candles but im unsure of if any laws/regulations/requirements when blending oils. Is there any such thing Is there anything specific you have to put on your label par the health and safety aspect or can i just blend away and create the name i like for it. Many...
  10. SpaceCorgi94

    Any real way of finding/figuring out fragrance oil weight online?

    So I'm new to soapmaking, starting to look into incorporating scents into my soap. Golden rule up to this point of course being, measure by weight, not volume. However, every website seems to exclusively sell their product in mls, not g(rams). Some I've even found have links to recipe...
  11. C

    My go to fragrance oil companies

    Hey! I’ve been making soap for about 2 years and my 2 favorite fragrance oil companies are he has some great oils at reasonable prices and does deals when you buy multiples. The site is a little outdated but manageable. He’s based out of Pennsylvania and living in NYS I get my...
  12. EllieMae

    Citrus Scents in CP

    This may be a silly, basic question but...I know citrus EOs do not fare well in CP because the scent tends to fade/not make it through the saponification process. Would using an FO take care of that problem? If citrus FOs do well in CP - what are some of your faves/go-tos? I currently use...
  13. AliciaE

    EO vs FO: Thoughts???

    Hey y’all! I just recently started soaping and I have been making A LOT lately while trying to get the lay of the land. My recipes in the soapcalc are calling for around 1-1.5 oz of fragrance give or take. That seems like a lot to me... I would really like to use essential oil to keep my soap...
  14. Kila

    Additive Timing Preference

    As I was studying how to make CP soap, I noted than a woman on Youtube preferred to add her extra ingredients such as kaolin clay and coloring powder to the oil before mixing it with the lye solution. However, she waited until after emulsion to add FO/EO. What do you guys prefer? What order do...
  15. msunnerstood

    15 % Off NaturesFragrance

    I just placed my 2nd Fragrance order with them. I was thrilled with the first order I received. 15% off coupon code is SUMMERSAVINGS and is good until 8/25 They ship fast and have a maximum shipping cost of $8.95 to the Continental US
  16. L

    Fragrance measurements Help!

    Hi soaping friends! I have been making soap for about 3 months. I have been using only EO but ventured to buy some FO from Aztec Candle Making Supplies. I am not sure how much FO should I use. I have used Fragrance calcs from Brambleberry, Nature Soaps, The Sage. They work fine with EO because...
  17. Iseleigh

    Question about safety of EO's and scent sources

    I'm trying to work out a scent blend for several Appalachian themed soaps (CP, for Halloween) and after poking around on this forum a bit I found this thread ( that mentions a few oils I had planned on using. I guess it...
  18. QueenJ

    Coconut essential oil

    has anyone heard of coconut essential oil?! Is there such a thing? I’ve searched it up and there’s one company that carries it. It’s CO2 extracted. ?! But I’m so sure about it.
  19. A

    Bergamot FO vs. EO - staying power and additive questions

    Hi all! I'm new here. I just made my first couple batches of soap and I'm hooked. Next up, I want to try Bergamot in an attempt to make an 'Earl Grey' type tea soap. :) I absolutely adore the smell of that tea and I'm hoping to capture it in a soap. I've only ever used EOs up to this point and...
  20. kelly2019

    discoloring vanillin and camouflaging it

    Well, I have several FO I want to use that have a medium to high vanillin content... Most likely I'll be using Hot process to make this soap. I'm thinking about doing some of the batter brown or black and put the FO in that part of the batter. I'd like to have thoughts on your experience if...