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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Oozing fragrance oils on one side of soap

    Here are images of a 12-month old thick oat milk soap. I am assuming that the oozing is from 'Manzanilla' (aka chamomile) fragrance oil (by 'Mane', a Mexican company). What likely caused this? Outside of this odd look, the soaps are fine. How much of a turnoff can this oozing be potentially...
  2. Black raspberry vanilla- first cut

    Black raspberry vanilla- first cut

    Cut really easily however, Ive noticed some discoloration in this batch, its grey-blue instead of purple like the mica I used.. not sure if it’s because of the FO or the oils used but it smells SO GOOD!
  3. Todd Ziegler

    Homemade Vanilla color stabilizer (VCS) summary

    Here is the recipe for the homemade VCS which we are affectionately calling "Zigali's color stabilizer or ZCS for short" the acrynim will help distinguish between the homemade and those you buy through a retailer. The recipe of 3 oz metabisulfate and 3 oz thiosulfate in 10 oz water translates...
  4. L

    Brass stamp discolouring soap!

    Hi I have a brass stamp which I love how it looks like, however certain soaps, particularly whites/clear ones the stamped area starts discolouring after a few weeks, becoming an awful yellow and spoiling the bar 😔. Any idea why this happens? Any suggestion to fix those soaps? Desperate for...
  5. J

    Weird spots on solid conditioner

    Hey, guys! I've made this solid conditioner using my usual recipe, stored it in a cool, clean place, and less than 48 hours later it had those weird spots that, to me, look like a petri dish!! I used 10x orange essential oil and all the other solid conditioners I made the same day (with the...
  6. kelly2019

    discoloring vanillin and camouflaging it

    Well, I have several FO I want to use that have a medium to high vanillin content... Most likely I'll be using Hot process to make this soap. I'm thinking about doing some of the batter brown or black and put the FO in that part of the batter. I'd like to have thoughts on your experience if...
  7. J

    fragrances % question

    Hey guys, What do you do when a fragrance oil discolors the soap, but you want a white/light lets say swirl. Do you up the % of fragrance of the rest of the batter or simply reduce the amount of fragrance oil so the soap will have a milder smell? Thank you!
  8. M

    Soap Issue

    Hi Everyone!! I am new to soap making - trying to make palm-free soap. there's not many recipes online.. I tried one using coconut, olive, shea and avocado.. I may have taken it out an hour too early or so. but the outside was hard and it was a nice color. but the inside looked like...
  9. D

    Why did my soap turn dark yellow?

    Any ideas on why the background color of this soap turned dark yellow? Recipe was: 16 oz. olive oil 10 oz. palm oil 10 oz. coconut oil 8 oz. canola oil 2 oz. apricot kernel oil 15 oz. distilled water 6.35 oz. sodium hydroxide 3 T. oakmoss FO Nothing added to base color of soap...
  10. L

    Did my soaps went rancid?

    Hi to everyone, I'm making olive oil soaps (4% superfatting) I'm having discoloration problems with some of my soaps and i don't know if it's rancid issue or just an aesthetic problem from curing process. The discoloration occurs always at the bottom of the soap as they cure. The soaps cure...
  11. E

    CP Coffee Soap

    This is a picture of a coffee soap I made with 3x brewed coffee and NG Cappuccino fragrance oil. I expected there would be a color difference between the outside and inside, but I didn't expect it to be so drastic. The fragrance is amazing!
  12. Ravenscourt Apothecary

    What Causes Unwanted Marble Effect

    I've noticed that some of my batches come out with this strange marble effect when I cut it (everything is smooth on the outside, you'd never guess by looking at the uncut batch). I'm attaching a picture to make it easier to see what I mean. Most of my batches don't behave like that - the...