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  1. Blufuz

    10% honey fixes cracking soap

    Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I finally have the time to share the results of my attempt to fix cracked soap: The problem was that it was made with too many hard oils. As discussed in this other thread (10% Honey - Help finding a thread) using a lot of sugars has the opposite effect, of...
  2. Kitkathy07

    Help! Partial Gel - Goat’s Milk and Honey

    Hi all! I need your help, advice, tips, and/or tricks. I’ll take it all 😢. I made an oatmeal, goats milk and Honey soap that partial gelled on me. I applied powdered milk to water and 1/2 tsp of honey then froze. Added lye to the ice, soaped at 93 degrees oils and 95 degrees lye. Put in mold and...
  3. lenarenee

    HELP - My Soap Has an Oil Pool!

    Did anyone run that recipe through a calculator? If it’s not a safe recipe to start with, rebatching won’t help. (I’ll see if I have time tonight to do that)
  4. WonderfulSoaps

    My first Melt-&-Pour!

    Hey ya`ll! I made my first melt-&-pour soap and im super happy with the result! Im very nervous they will sweat so i've wrapped them in saran wrap and put them in am air tight container, If any one has any tips for packaging more professionally please tell me them all! Anywho, thank you for...
  5. Compostkat

    Lotion Explosion

    i was excited to make this lotion using all parts of the hive: honey, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax and pollen as all of these ingredients are powerful on their own. I used a recipe taking into consideration temps to preserve the nutrients in honey and royal jelly and cool enough for .3%...
  6. Molly Boggess

    Problems with itching/irritation in Bath Powder... what could it be?

    Hello all! First of all, I'd like to thank you all for the wealth of information on this forum! I wouldn't have been able to get to where I am now without all of your tips and tricks. I've been messing around and creating my own batches of an all natural fizzing "bath powder", basically a...
  7. S

    after making batch larger the soap gelled in the middle

    Hi. I need help with this. I have made a Room temperature method soap, same recipe for 4 yrs now. Have always made it in 500g batches. And then poured into single soap silicone forms after. Getting 20 single soaps out of the batch Now I wanted to make double as much. A 1000g batch with the...
  8. Arwen Falvey

    Overheating help!

    I'm not new to soap making (started in 1997) but I don't often make soaps with goat's milk in them. This particular batch I'm working on has Goat's milk and honey in it. I made the batch and all was well so I threw it in the freezer for 18 hours to make sure it didn't overheat and scald the...
  9. K

    Lather booster for a foaming cleanser?

    Hi guys, I made a foaming cleanser with about 50/50 Castile soap and water, and added about 20% almond oil and 5% honey. I'm looking for an additive that can make the foam a bit more fluffy/dense? It's a rich foam but it kind of "melts" around the edges after you pump it out. Other than that...
  10. Misschief

    It Worked!

    Yes!! I unmolded my second attempt at a dual soap (CP and M&P) bar. This time it worked! The next step will be to cut it and drizzle it with "honey" (clear M&P coloured with a bit of yellow/gold). Honeycomb by Misschief posted Feb 4, 2018 at 6:52 PM
  11. BattleGnome

    Honey Bombs

    Has anyone added honey to bath bombs or a soak mixture? The armpit stank threads have me wondering if it's worth the honey. We're having a bit of a heat wave, which is a leading factor to me breaking out everywhere (a detail everyone needs to know). Since honey is water soluble I know it...
  12. F

    Additives in Liquid Soap

    Hello Soapers, Long time lurker, first time caller. I've been searching the ends of the internet to answer this question about additives in liquid soap, specifically colloidal oatmeal. I have a ton of colloidal oatmeal at my disposal, however, I'm not sure which part of the soaping...
  13. Lindsey666

    buttermilk honey oatmeal take two, much better.

    I don't mean to flood the pic gallery, but I noticed it's not super active and I simply could not wait to share. This is my third cp attempt. I replaced all the water with frozen buttermilk and slowly added the lye while the pitcher was in an ice bath. I put the mold in the fridge for an hour...
  14. S

    first timer with HP soap question

    Hi, I made my first batch of Hot Process soap with Honey & Oatmeal. I just cut the soap and found these white blobs(?) here and there in the middle. (Please see attached picture. Kind of looks like white choc chip in oatmeal cookie) I never got them with Cold process so I am very confused. I...
  15. soapmage

    Custom MP Honeycomb Embeds

    I am happy with how this experiment worked out since I've never tried it before. I simply lined my silicone mold with bubblewrap (bubble side up), melted my clear soap added some local honey and micas that I mixed together for a honey color. I poured a thin layer than unmolded after a few...
  16. C

    sticky Soap

    I have been making soap for two years and have never had this happen!! I had a huge order for my basic soap recipe with honey added and a specific fragrance oil...After 6 weeks of curing the soap still has a slight sticky feel!! Is this a problem??? Why would this have happened?
  17. E

    Newbie Questions

    Hello everyone! I can't thank you all enough for this wonderful website. I've been spending a crazy amount of time reading past threads and getting helpful info. I am a total newbie - I've made only two batches of cold process soap. Neither exploded, I didn't get chemical burns, and they...
  18. Hilge

    Honey I burnt the honey!

    Hi everyone! I decided to share a little honey adventure I just had, and maybe get some opinions about this. So I got myself some lovely locally produced honey and wanted to try adding that so my 100% olive oil soap, since they say it will give better foaming and maybe even give some light...
  19. N

    Coconut Milk, Honey, Colloidal Oats Soap Never Traced!! Help!!

    Hello all, So, I am a newbie to the whole CP soap making. I have made 4 pretty great batches, so I tried to challenge myself by making a batch which involved coconut milk, honey, and layering. I did run into problems though. One layer never came to trace, and I ended up burning out the motor...
  20. pacmarrin

    What Went Wrong? Tongue Zap

    I just made a 5-lb CP batch: Olive Oil (20 oz), Coconut Oil (25 oz), Avocado Oil (8 oz), Castor Oil (5 oz.), Distilled water (18 oz.), 8.1 oz lye (5% superfat), and at the end, just before pouring it in the mold added 4 tablespoons of honey and a splash of anise essential oil. Anyway, the only...