buttermilk honey oatmeal take two, much better.

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Apr 16, 2016
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Anaheim, CA
I don't mean to flood the pic gallery, but I noticed it's not super active and I simply could not wait to share. This is my third cp attempt. I replaced all the water with frozen buttermilk and slowly added the lye while the pitcher was in an ice bath.

I put the mold in the fridge for an hour then just let it sit uncovered in a cool room. I'm so much happier with the consistency in this loaf and that my milk did not scorch.

I also want to share the recipe that I made to see if there's any glaring issues with it.



Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.03.01 AM.jpg
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The soap is beautiful. You may find it is a bit "drying" with that high of coconut oil. I *think* the general consensus is to keep it below 20% of your recipe. I use even less than that on mine. FWIW, a soap with a cleansing rating of 0 will still clean :)
Lindsey your soap is so pretty. Pretty top also and you are really doing some more difficult techniques with the frozen buttermilk. On the coconut since I am older I have mine at 15 and I am going drop it even lower so I can lower my superfat. But like everyone says that is for my skin. Lovely soap and I wish I had started at your age, very cool.
Your soap turned out fine and I think your recipe is fine as well. I'm older but still like more CO. I use 22% frequently. I would up my SF to 6-7 though.

I say leave it as it is and test it to see how YOU like it.
Your recipe looks fine to me and yes you will get more superfat from the buttermilk. I use up to 25% CO without increasing superfat, and my skin does fine. Everyone is different and there are no true thresholds, so you will need to find what you like. In general though, 1-3% difference will not be noticeable.
I assumed that because the fat from the milk is not factored into the SF of the recipe, that the bar would still have plenty of moisturizing fats after saponification, no? Is milk not very moisturizing?

Buttermilk will add to your SF but it's not a whole lot. I use buttermilk quite frequently. Soap is not moisturizing, it's can just be less stripping of the natural oils on the skin. I generally use 6% SF. As stated, it's all a personal preference and what your skin likes or doesn't like.
They're gorgeous Lindsey, well done :)

Don't tell everyone, but most of my soaps have 30% coconut oil, and I'm 50, and I love my soap ... sshhhhhhhh :wink:

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