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    Natural green colorants experiment

    The middle layer of this soap was achieved with fresh spinach and dried alfalfa. The color is still strong.
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    My first attempt ... soda ash got me. What to do?

    When I get soda ash, I just rinse the top of the soap while it is still in the mold and then let it dry before I unmold it. I also steam it off. A good water discount will eliminate soda ash, but not to be attempted until you have more batches under your belt.
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    Haven't posted in years - Some of my latest soaps

    That's one of my personal favorites too. Thank you! Glad to be back! Same here, lol! Thank you!
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    Haven't posted in years - Some of my latest soaps

    Thank you. That's what my daughter said too! It is called Maleficent and it is Love Spell fragrance.
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    Haven't posted in years - Some of my latest soaps

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted in years. Something popped up in my email and I decided to come back and log in. I'm still making soap, I now have three kids, and we live in Georgia. Hoping to get acquainted with some old faces, and new ones! Here are some of my latest creations. The last...
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    Goat's Milk Soap... 1st batch - *cut pics added*

    You can get small batches to gel by putting the mold in a box and wrapping a blanket around it. Also, what material is that pan made of?
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    Pigments from tkb trading.....?

    All of their pop micas work wonderfully in our soap.
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    Need some science help.

    I think I would just pass it up and stick with using the Chromiums that have tested stable for soap making. I suspect that the colors we use are maybe mixed with an additive that allows them to blend easily in any liquid.
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    Using a Magnetic Stirrer to Mix Lye

    Yeah, I loved those in chem lab (all 4 years of it) but stirring my lye by hand if much easier for me. Takes 30 seconds.
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    Grassfed Tallow vs grain fed?

    What they eat does not affect SAP value.
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    Do you insulate? Updated with photo OR 2 Gel or not 2 Gel...

    I gel all of my soaps. They are harder faster and ready to unmold and cut in record time versus when I do not gel.
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    Buying lye

    I would in the phone book for chemical suppliers. Call around and see if they sell lye, they may call it caustic soda. A lot of plumbing equipment companies will carry it too. I buy my lye from a company a few miles from me at $35 per 50lbs.
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    Bummed about my lye explosion

    Using glass is very dangerous, and you should always pour the lye into the liquid, no matter the size of the lye flakes. Your glass container experienced thermal shock, which caused it to shatter. I am really glad you were not hurt! That must have been scary! Pyrex is also very breakable...
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    Princess Kisses and Soap Cupcakes

    Those cupcakes look so real!