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May 17, 2016
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New Jersey
I have been making candles for many many years.
Lately I'm having more and more problems being able to smell a strong fragrance in my candles.

I'm currently working with EcoSoya 135. We which is new to me. Tried something new for a change. Been using it about 6 months. Not a huge fan of how hard it gets but it was doing better with scents until lately.

In the last 2 months, I bought new scents from CandleScience. Whom I have used before with no problem. However I have two FO that no matter what I do, smells great when sniffing, but you absolutely can not smell them when burning. Its driving me nuts I'm wasting money. I've been adding at higher temps around 150F.

Have FO changed or after all these years have I been doing something wrong?

I have even checked on the scent to make sure there's no update on change.

Help. Its my top scents and I can't get it right.
I, too, have been candling for many years - 100% soy - and yes, I am noticing some fragrance throws are just not cutting it (that used to). I am wondering if it is my nose, though. Just validating you. Not sure what is going on. :?
Not a candler here, but I would wager it's like the issue with phalates (sp?). People have become afraid of them and so they are eliminating them from FOs. Several once awesome FOs have been reformulated to be phalate free - with poor results.
Dixie, I think you're completely right.

Every scent that I have that contains phthalates and I use in soy tarts (I don't make candles) has so much better throw and scent than the non-phthalate counterparts. At least one of the suppliers (RE) that said they were phthalate free came out to say they don't use dibutyl phthalate but do use diethyl phthalate. See if you can find some FOs that are formulated with phthalates if you want better scent throw.

I've noticed it in bar soap too. FOs that contain phthalates are much less likely to fade. I try to use FOs that don't contain phthalates but I just started noticing this about a month ago. I've decided not to use FOs containing dibutyl phthalate since people seem to be especially weary of that one.

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