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  1. Val’s5

    Would anyone mind telling me if this is salt or LYE or maybe air pockets?

    Thank you!
  2. Cameron

    Is this because of Titanium Dioxide ?

    On my last thread I had some problems with rivers due to my temperatures and what I thought was Titanium Dioxide. After lots of advice I re wrote my recipe and put it through a soap calculator. I did a water discount and lowered my temperatures and that seem to work. But my last batch i tried...
  3. SoyExpressions

    Soy Candles, FO and problems

    I have been making candles for many many years. Lately I'm having more and more problems being able to smell a strong fragrance in my candles. I'm currently working with EcoSoya 135. We which is new to me. Tried something new for a change. Been using it about 6 months. Not a huge fan of how...
  4. A

    Strange Outcome in CP soap loafs

    Hi there, I am new to soapmaking and am using the CP method with silicone loaf molds. So far I have made 3 batches, all with the same recipe which was put through a soap calculator to confirm weights of all ingredients. All 3 have come out with a very weird texture on the loaf. It is not a dust...
  5. Cttx2ne

    Cp tea tree oil soap problem

    I made a CP tea tree oil soap that began crumbling when I took it out of the mold. I'd like to know what I did wrong to cause it (am thinking I mixed it at too high a temp) and is there anyway to save/redo? It's an olive oil and coconut oil soap. Thx! Connie
  6. T

    Air Pockets in Wax and Splitting/Canyon Formation

    I am Making a Beeswax candle for my family and friends and i am using a standard square like Jar but i have run into a serious problem! The candle does not burn properly and it looks terrible from the above perspective where you light it. There is a huge crack see image below along the sides of...
  7. S

    Help! I think something went wrong

    Hello everyone, I am very new to soap making and two days ago I made my very first shampoo bar. After it had sat for 48hrs it had the appearance of vaseline. The soap was solid but had a transparent, glossy look. Now i split this batch up, most of the batch was poured into a bigger mold and...
  8. C

    Hairline cracking issue in curing soaps

    Hi everyone! :wave: I am new here and hoping one of you brilliant soapmakers could lend your insights into a hairline cracking problem I am experiencing with my soaps. I have a recipe that is similar to the 'Breaking the Rules'/75% CO, 25% CB-SB soap, superfatted at 15% and using coconut milk...