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  1. A

    RIP Green Fig from Brambleberry :(

    RIP to the fragrance oil Green Fig from Brambleberry! It wasn’t a fragrance I enjoyed on its own, but mixed with other floral fragrances it really made the scents come alive. It was a nice green, leafy scent, and maybe even smelled a little like soil or moss. A little went a long way, too; it...
  2. tildy

    40% OFF instock Soapalooza Fragrance Oil Moving Blow Out Sale!

    Moving Sale! Get 40% off INSTOCK Soapalooza Fragrance oils! Use the coupon code 40OFFSALE during check out at This is for INSTOCK fragrances only. I am moving cross country in March 2022, and have to deplete standing stock by Feb. All fragrances are time tested and...
  3. Skylantern

    FO Winners & Losers

    I'm testing FOs from a batch of tarts I made over the holiday and have come across some absolute gems. Our extended families prefer wax melts to wicked candles so these are what have come out as good performers for me, but as always YMMV. I'll update as I continue to test. I hope this helps...
  4. peachymoon

    Does anyone have WSP's Lime Mint FO?

    I'm wondering how it performs in your CP recipes & the percentage of liquid to solid oils/butters in the recipes. A few reviews on the site say this FO accelerates trace, a couple say it didn't. WSP reported no acceleration in their testing, but their recipe is 75% liquid oils, which is not...
  5. SpaceCorgi94

    Any real way of finding/figuring out fragrance oil weight online?

    So I'm new to soapmaking, starting to look into incorporating scents into my soap. Golden rule up to this point of course being, measure by weight, not volume. However, every website seems to exclusively sell their product in mls, not g(rams). Some I've even found have links to recipe...
  6. EllieMae

    Fragrance Oils in Canada

    I hope this is the right section to post this - it's been a while since I've been around! Does anyone know which companies selling/shipping FO to/within Canada are "up to date" or not SUPER backlogged right now? Or perhaps there are Canadian sites (or US sites that ship with reasonable costs to...
  7. cmzaha

    Fragrance Oil Destash

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. I am posting the list from a friend of mine that is moving and not taking her supplies with her It...
  8. D

    scenting a shave soap

    I have made multiple 3lb batches of modified CP shave soap using approximately 1oz of FO, but the scents don't POP like other soaps. Any suggestions on making scents more pronounced?
  9. A

    Wax Melt Scent & Color

    Hi Everyone! I've been struggling for awhile now figuring out how all the wax melt vendors have a million and one scents, I'm guessing scent blending?? Can anyone tell me how to scent blend? Also would love your recommendations on scent vendors. And color, how do these wax melt vendors have...
  10. S

    Ground water contaminants from fragrance oils

    I looked into a new fragrance oil and it says that even small concentrations could be harmful to groundwater. I made a batch of soap with it, and am seriously wondering if the levels used in soap are really going to have a negative impact on the water we drink. I'm just kinda shocked with tons...
  11. S

    Nature's Garden FO Haul!

    My mom and I got a huge order in from Nature's Garden. It was such a big order that we decided to make a haul video Have any of you used any of these FOs? I read all the reviews before deciding & purchasing, but I was wondering what experiences...
  12. SoyExpressions

    Soy Candles, FO and problems

    I have been making candles for many many years. Lately I'm having more and more problems being able to smell a strong fragrance in my candles. I'm currently working with EcoSoya 135. We which is new to me. Tried something new for a change. Been using it about 6 months. Not a huge fan of how...
  13. Momsta5

    Fragrance Oil Find!

    Today I visited Tuesday Morning, just to look around. I was in the aisle that has the scented candles and diffusers. For the first time ever I saw that they had some boxes of fragrance oils!!! The brand is Abbey & Sullivan. Looked them up on my phone and confirmed that it is okay to use in CP...
  14. TheNurseMade

    Bad customer service

    Ordered Fresh Ginger from Natures Garden...smells like garlic. Won't be using it or the company again... said they have no problems. Thank goodness I only ordered 8 oz. $10.00 down the drain!
  15. Purplerain

    1st soap questions, questions, questions!

    Made my first soap a few days ago and thought I aced it, but noooooo.... Used this recipe: 300 g lard (tenderflake) 270 g olive oil (extra virgin - all I had) 30 g castor oil 79 g lye 228 g distilled water Also used about 6-8 drops of an essential oil I got in Paris a few years ago...
  16. S

    How much fragrance is 5%?

    I am using a fragrance from NG that recommends using no more than 5%. I don't know if that is 5% of my oils or 5% of the total soap that is produced. And how would I figure that?
  17. M

    Nature's Garden vs WSP?

    Thinking about switching from WSP (wholesalesuppliesplus) fragrance oils to Nature's Garden oils but I'm a little nervous about how they compare. I know WSP isn't top of the line, I just want to be sure NG isn't worse. They are MUCH cheaper and my husband is worried about the "you get what you...
  18. K

    Can you put fragrance oils in plasic bottles?

    Hi all, I am thinking about offering some 1 and 2 oz. fragrance oils in my shop and I am wondering if I would be able to put them in small plastic bottles? thanks so much for your help.
  19. skinbykenya

    fo help

    I made my first two batches of body butters with fo's i bought from etsy. The first supplier i bought from, the oils were good. I still have some of the pear body butter I made about three months ago and it still smells yummy. The second supplier....ugh. i bought a cotton candy oil and one week...
  20. tildy


    LAST CALL for NORWEGIAN WOODS, BLACK MISSION FIGS, & SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE fragrances oils DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their...