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Feb 23, 2024
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I’ve looked just about everywhere for why this might be happening and I cannot for the life of me find an answer. Please help !!

So, I’ve been having a weird issue with my candles. I just started making them a couple months ago and I’ve only just now started actually burning the “successful” attempts.

The issue is… despite the candle smelling quite nice when solid or melted via heat gun or wax warmer, it’s not throwing any smell whatsoever when actually lit. I have one that just smells like there’s a small fire in the room, since there is (not smoky, just… fire.) and another that’s only giving off the vague scent of ozone (which I assume is one minor scent note from Candlescience Petrichor coming through.)
I’m using Goldenbrands 464 soy wax, 1oz-per-lb scent load, triple-wicking in 4” containers with CD6 wicks, adding fragrance/coloring/small amount of mica powder at 182°F, and pouring at 135°F. All candles I’ve tested for smell have been curing a minimum of two weeks and no more than a month. I haven’t had any issues with wicks clogging or oils not combining since my earlier tests/failed attempts. I know the scent oil didn’t get too hot because it doesn’t smell burnt or anything and again, the candles actually smell quite nice when solid and throw well when heated by any means besides their own flame. (And, in case it comes up - it’s not Covid, I’m vaxxed and got tested when I realized that was a possibility.)

Does anyone know why this is happening, and how I can fix it? Or should I just accept the cards fate has dealt me and start making wax melts instead?
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I’m using Goldenbrands 464 soy wax, 1oz-per-lb scent load,
I find that soy wax has a hard time with the hot throw (scent smelling when lit) unless you use anywhere from 8%-12%. 1oz per pound is roughly only 6%, and I think that is probably where the problem lies. Try upping your scent,
triple-wicking in 4” containers with CD6 wicks,
Have you tried only double wicking? It may be getting too hot and burning off the scent before it gets a chance to throw.
adding fragrance/coloring/small amount of mica powder
How much mica? Mica can sometimes clog wicks, especially if too much is used.

I think you'll find once you up your % of FO, you will get better results.