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  1. S

    Soy wax wooden candle wick issues

    Hi all, I’m relatively new to candle making and hoping for your help! I’m using GoldenWax444 soy wax and Escentscia Style fragrance oils (FOs) at 6% (24ml FO to 400ml wax) in 40cl glass vessels with Lumetique XL wooden wicks. I add the FO at 65c and also pour at 65c (as advised at a workshop and...
  2. SeaSuds

    European Soy Wax

    Does anyone have experience of a new product call Eurosoy 800? It is 100% soy wax from soy grown in Europe that is GMO free. It is supplied by Poth Hille and I have an email from their chemist assuring me that it is safe for cosmetic use. She also provided me with a safety data sheet. It...
  3. Fiona Robertson

    Soy Wax and Beer?

    Has anyone added beer to their soy wax soap? I would like to try this but I'm a bit worried that soaping at warmer temperatures because of the soy wax will result in a lava eruption. Is it safe to CPOP?
  4. Fiona Robertson

    Question for European Soap Sellers - Soy Wax

    I've been looking on Etsy for European soap sellers who use soy wax as one of their ingredients. I can't find any so does this mean that soy wax is not an acceptable ingredient to pass a cosmetic safety assessment? Is there anyone here from Europe who sells soap using soy wax?
  5. J

    My soy candles have holes/rough surface at the side! Help!

    Hi guys! I'm pretty new to candle making and have been using the GW464 wax to make my candles. As you can see in the photo, there are holes/cracks(?) that are quite visible at the sides of my glass candles. I heat my jars till it's warm to the touch before pouring. I add my fragrance in at 7%...
  6. M

    Best Wax for Melts

    Hi, I’m just starting out making wax melts in snap bars like chocolate bars in silicone moulds . I’m just wondering what type of wax you all use? Iv used ecosoy cb advanced but it seems to stick in the corners of the moulds and doesn’t look great. Iv also experimented with a vegetable wax blend...
  7. H

    Q about using paraffin wax in with soy wax for tarts

    i have a question: I have soy wax marketed specifically for wax tarts but I’m not impressed with the cold and hot throw of the EO I use at 6%. So I wanted to use some of the paraffin Art Minds (Michael’s craft store) as a mixer to increase the throw. But what is the proper calculation of...
  8. H

    Could use Some Help Re: Paraffin wax/other waxes combo

    First off, I apologize for not fully researching this on the boards first. I suffer from narcolepsy and i fall asleep when I start reading a lot :( I have about 6 pounds of soy wax flakes for container candles.I bought it with 50% and 60% off coupons! I love the stuff. But my daughter convinced...
  9. Soap Cupcake 2019Apr27 Full_003

    Soap Cupcake 2019Apr27 Full_003

    Soap Cupcake - April 27, 2019 - Soy Wax, Hemp, RBO, OO, CO, Castor - White Jasmine scent Made for SMF Soap Cupcakes Challenge - April 2019. Another angle.
  10. Soap Cupcake 2019Apr27 Full_004

    Soap Cupcake 2019Apr27 Full_004

    Soap Cupcake - April 27, 2019 - Soy Wax, Hemp, RBO, OO, CO, Castor - White Jasmine scent Made for SMF Soap Cupcakes Challenge - April 2019. Another angle.
  11. Soap Cupcake 2019Apr27 Full_005

    Soap Cupcake 2019Apr27 Full_005

    Soap Cupcake - April 27, 2019 - Soy Wax, Hemp, RBO, OO, CO, Castor - White Jasmine scent Made for SMF Soap Cupcakes Challenge - April 2019. Another angle.
  12. Soap Cupcake 2019Apr27 Close-up

    Soap Cupcake 2019Apr27 Close-up

    Soap Cupcake - April 27, 2019 - Soy Wax, Hemp, RBO, OO, CO, Castor - White Jasmine scent Made for SMF Soap Cupcakes Challenge - April 2019. Close-up of top. Gold shimmer mica sprinkled on top. White Jasmine FO (Rustic Escentuals) behaved very nicely in this soap.
  13. K

    Soy for clamshells

    Hi there - I'm new to this and am super confused about the best soy to use for clamhsells. I just ordered Golden 464 and have read mixed reviews, some swear by it and some just hate it. I know that it has to cure for two weeks. I made a test batch with Ecosoya CB Advanced and it seems OK, it's...
  14. C

    Cracks, Sinkholes & Tunneling

    Hi, I'm new to candlemaking. I've only been at it since May. I just switched from using tins to using mason jars. I use 464 wax and now that I'm using the jars I'm getting tunneling around the wick, sinkholes and cracks in the tops of my candles. I never had this problem with the tins. I had a...
  15. Dean

    Soy Wax Soap

    Hi Soaperts, I just made my first batch of CP soy wax soap. It overheated due to water discount. Caught it in time and threw it in the freezer b4 the lava monster crawled out of the mold. Was thinking of blending at room temp next time. Heard it helps prevent overheating. If I melt the...
  16. S

    FO weeping/seepage issues...I've tried everything!

    Hi all! I am beating my head against the wall lately with seepage/weeping issues. I have been troubleshooting with one of the big wax/candle supply distributors and feel strongly that I have received sound advice. But still, I see issues with my latest batch and am remiss to understand...
  17. SoyExpressions

    Soy Candles, FO and problems

    I have been making candles for many many years. Lately I'm having more and more problems being able to smell a strong fragrance in my candles. I'm currently working with EcoSoya 135. We which is new to me. Tried something new for a change. Been using it about 6 months. Not a huge fan of how...
  18. C

    Soy wax melts

    I'm currently using Ecosoya PB to make my wax melts. I was wondering if anyone on here uses this mixed with GW464? If so what ratio do you use?
  19. joy.

    Can you help me troubleshoot?

    I made my first candle today, and it started out great, but after an hour or so of burning, the flame started to dwindle and it's just barely lit now. The wax and wicks did not come with instructions, so I'm not sure where I went wrong. The wax is 100% natural soy wax from hobby lobby, and...
  20. dalewaite48

    Help with Making Black Color

    Does anyone have any suggestions on working with Black color for a candle. Trying to make a Black Cherry candle. No trouble with the scent as they smell great but trying to get the Black color with a hint of red is not working. They tend to come out Dark grey with a hint of Green or Blue. I...