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Dec 31, 2012
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Reno, Nevada
Coconut oil 22%
Lard 22%
Olive Oil 44%
Pine Tar 12%
SF 6%
30% water to oils or 29.9% Lye Concentration
No added Scent

Method: Heated all oils, including PT and lye water to 140F

Leaving out PT, soaped the three oils. Stick-blended 30 seconds about 4 times. Folded in 140f PT when the batter acted like trace was eminent, about 20 min, immediate pudding, slow pour into molds. Some “wrinkling” on the bar bottoms. What is correct term for that? Here are some serious wrinkles on a different bar using Citronella eo

Back to topic. Pine tar is quite pourable at about 140F, so my theory is (or was) that fast acceleration was due to cool PT hitting < 140F batter.

Made Jan 3, here is Pic 4 hours after pour

Saran Wrap is a neat trick for a good stamp! Thank you to who suggested it!

Here the PT bars after 1 week

Here is the lather Mild bar, doesn’t smell as strong as a week ago. NO PT smell on my hands, light gray lather.

Two bars have some white splotches, the bars were in the middle of the mold, they must have warmed more than the others. Place bars in 60F Porch (DW made me) never felt very warm (the soap).

Also there is some PT marbling, is this my first Swirl?

I am pleased with how my first Pine Tar Soap turned out. Maybe more water next time. Used new molds devoted to stinky soap and are shallower than my large squares.
Thank you for looking, and Thanks for the Great Board!
Pine Tar accelerates trace always but it's possible it could be made to go ever faster with certain conditions. It usually traces so fast that it can be difficult to stir it all in well but the soap will still be good. I love your stamp and your bars came out well!

The wrinkles look like you poured at a very heavy trace and there were large pockets that didn't get filled. THe soap is fine but may not look like you want it to. If you pour earlier, when it is still pretty smooth, it will fill your mold without any folds or pockets.
Yep, even if all ingredients are at room temp or below, PT traces pretty fast. I don't warm my PT, and it pours just fine for me.

Nice job, Roy!
My guess for the heavy wrinkles is that it was more like mashed potato stage than heavy trace. When it's that thick, the soap can't settle and flatten out, think really thick mashed potatoes. Really slamming the mold hard on the counter may help a little, but when it's that thick.....possibly even that won't work. The soap is still fine to use. Tell people it's a new experimental technique, and it's supposed to look like that! lol Seriously, nice job on your soaps.

Now do I understand that you stamped your soap through saran wrap for a neat impression? I'm unhappy with my stamped soaps because they never look as clean as I'd like them to. Yours are perfect. And I see that you stamped the soap while still in the mold....with saran you can stamp when it's that fresh? I can't tell you how many stamps I have in different materials, that I don't use because the impressions are not as perfect as I'd like them to be. I can't wait to try this!
I love your soap I am planning to make pine tar soap too but it looks quite hard to make not like the ordinary soap, they're good with eczema and psoriasis or even dermatitis
Would PT be able to be scented? You said the PT scent isn't there. I'm wondering if the scent of the EO would still come through and not capture any of the PT.
Would PT be able to be scented? You said the PT scent isn't there. I'm wondering if the scent of the EO would still come through and not capture any of the PT.

I always scent mine with tea tree. When it's cured, I get both pine tar and tea tree.

Roy, those are great bars! Mine always have that "fold" area too. I'm sure it's due to the accelerated trace and air pockets but I really don't care since it adds to the rustic look and scent of the bars. Great job! :thumbup:
Time to make PT# 2

Pine Tar purchase.jpg
Love your pine tar soaps. They look really effective with your stamp. thats a lot of pine tar for your second batch?
Thank you Rowan. 3 kg batch. Discount in buying 5 gal. It's not like it's going to spoil very soon!

The Paint can spout worked very well. I put the Soap pot back on the scale and the pine tar went straight in, no mess!

Olive Oil 65%, Coconut 20%, Castor 3%, Pine Tar 12%, SF 6%

Emulsified Oils with Stick Blender, warmed to about 100f (38c), added Lye Water (38%). Stick blended a bit more, Stirred about 10 min off and on. Added PT and thick trace in a minute. Poured. The batter never got thicker while troweling and filling in the blanks , very manageable.

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