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  1. Kcryss

    Lard/Tallow Pasture/Grass Fed vs Grain Fed

    For others that also render their own fats: Previously, the butcher has been giving me fat from grain fed animals. However, they are doing grass and pasture fed right now and so that's what they are giving me. The resulting lard/tallow seems to be less white ... more yellow/golden and is much...
  2. Kcryss

    Lard/Tallow Combo Soap

    Working on a formula for a good lard/tallow combo. Any advice would be much appreciated. :) I have very dry skin so like to keep the cleansing down as much as possible. Any way to bring up the bubbly a bit or will this be nice lathery bar the way it is? TIA :) Here's what I have so far:
  3. Kcryss

    Soft Lard - Help Please

    I was able to get 10 lbs of pig fat the other day. The butcher was even nice enough to grind it up for me. :) After cooking on low heat all day yesterday, it was finally to the point of straining and then refrigerating. This morning, when I pulled it out, there was zero separation. No brown...
  4. Keaton

    Lard vs Tallow

    I've mostly been planning castile bars, but I'm a bit intrigued by beef tallow and lard in soap. I see a lot of people on this forum swear by lard in their soaps, but I read early on in my research somewhere that lard has low lather. I'm looking at their fatty acid content and their "properties"...
  5. B

    Lard soap

    Hey guys, I was wondering what types of oils you use with Lard? Also what percent of Lard do you use if you do use it. I have never used animal fat in cp soap and was wanting to try. Any info would be great! Thank you,
  6. Iluminameluna

    Incorporating oil blends in a recipe

    I'm feeling stuck. I have a recipe in mind but it includes an oil blend. I don't HAVE to use it, but it's getting old and I don't want to waste it. Also it's been infused with paprika and annato for almost 3 months! The oil blend is 70:30 palm and soy. The recipe I've run through Soapee: SF 6%...
  7. Dawni

    Let's talk about lard, baby

    Let's talk about you and me Let's talk about all the good things and thr bad things that may be Let's talk about s.... lard :D So, almost since joining here and reading about it, I've been looking for where to buy lard and I've not been able to find any nearby. No rendered lard. I thought I'd...
  8. cmzaha

    Done with Lard_maybe

    I think I am finally done with lard even though I love my 45/22% Tallow/Lard and love the slow trace. Problem is, when I have a slow selling selling and smell an off smell in the soap it is always one with lard. Even my husband told me to stop using lard. :( It is not coming down with dos, just...
  9. catbinch

    Lard Substitute?

    Hello, I've been making soap pretty infrequently, and all of my bars have a LOT of lard in them (at least 45%). I personally love lard as its the most moisturizing oil i can easily access, but my issue is that lard doesnt keep very long (a little less than a year) and a lot of people where i...
  10. C

    LARD- store bought vs home made

    2 concerns here... I made soap with store-bought lard and it turned out great. I made the same recipe with lard I rendered myself from our pigs. It turned out hard, dry, and brittle, and very drying. Has anyone had this problem? Is there difference I'm not realising between home made and...
  11. scott312

    Not sure if these silicone are good. Low priced I'm about ready to buy my first silicone molds. I didn't want to order junk.Our dear friends in China are experts at manufacturing low cost items as we all know. I would like to get some lard folk advice on these molds. Thank you guys
  12. N

    My first soap using multiple oils (lard, oo, co)

    I have just started out making soap. So far, I have made one batch of 100% coconut soap with 20% superfat a few days ago. That was really fun and easy. Some people seem to love that soap, others have reported that it still dries out their skin, despite the 20% SF. So I would like to try another...
  13. H

    Making and using (wood-ash) lye crystals

    Last year I tried my first batch of soap and turned out with a slightly saponified jar of lard, or so it appeared. I had trouble finding instructions that covered all my variables: esp. using homemade lye crystals and lard. Here are some questions I have: I boiled my leachate from the...
  14. L


    I am wondering if I can use pure lard from the grocery store that has bha, bht, and citric acid to make soap? Is there a different type of lard that is better?
  15. Nevada

    Roy’s First Pine Tar Soap

    Coconut oil 22% Lard 22% Olive Oil 44% Pine Tar 12% SF 6% 30% water to oils or 29.9% Lye Concentration No added Scent Method: Heated all oils, including PT and lye water to 140F Leaving out PT, soaped the three oils. Stick-blended 30 seconds about 4 times. Folded in 140f PT when...
  16. JuneP

    Lard confusion

    While waiting for my first CP soap to finish the 48 hrs hibernation under a couple of heavy bath towels, I decided to follow someone's suggestion for substituting lard for palm oil. I was wanting to create a recipe that would be slow to trace so I could try my hand at more than one color in the...
  17. H

    Customer reaction to LAAARD !!

    So, lets talk about lard ! I never got around to soaping with lard, but I was surprised to see how many soapers loooooove looooove loooooooove lard soaps and rave about the creaminess and benefits on human skin. It seems to be in one of the best loved soaping ingredients by soapers...
  18. S

    Lard in Soap

    Hi everyone, When I made my first soap it was an all lard 1lb batch which I scented with tea tree (from a well known book). It turned out well, as in it made soap(!) and I set off on my soap making journey. Some weeks into the cure a couple of the bars developed DOS so that immediately put...
  19. Z

    Interested in purchasing a bulk order of plain lard-based soap bars

    Interested in purchasing a bulk quantity of plain lard-based soap bars Greetings, I live in Minneapolis, MN and am interested in purchasing a large quantity of lard-based unscented soap. Ideally the soap would contain nothing more than lard and lye. Also, would be nice if you lived nearby...