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Nov 24, 2022
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Hi all

I am trying to make my own pine tar Soap because I absolutely love the smell of it!

I have found this recipe but I'm Vegan so don't want to use the Lard, would anyone be able to help me workout what I replace it with (no palm either)

I am thinking the coconut oil and Shea could be increased? Perhaps some vegetable wax to help with hardening?

285g coconut oil
198g olive oil
255g lard
57g pine tar
43g castor oil
298g water
128g lye
60g essential oil

Thank you 😊
Too much coconut oil in a soap will give a soap which feels very "stripping" in that it will take too much of the natural oils from your skin. Most people keep their coconut amount at around 30% maximum, many more like 20% (some people and some soaps go higher than that, of course)

But some important questions. How did you come up with the recipe? Have you made much soap before? Pine tar is a special beast which requires soaping in a certain way because of how it reacts with the lye. What pine tar are you using? Not all are created equal and if the smell is important then you need to get that part right
If you are a experienced soap maker, take your favorite recipe and replace 10% - 15% of a liquid oil with the pine tar. Male sure to run the recipe through a lye calc.
I also recommend searching the forum for pine tar to find tips on making it since it is, as previously mentioned, its own beast.

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