Save my pine tar batch? Help!!!

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Mar 26, 2021
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Parker, AZ
So I followed bad advice ( not here) and used 2.9:1 water- lye in my pine tar to keep it fluid to avoid seizing .it wont trace. What can
I do?? Why do i go otherplaces than here

30% lard
25% co
26% oo
4% castor
15% pine tar

Anyone have a working recipe?

Eta lye water was room temp- 78, oils were around 85. I heated up the pine tar in a water bath and added to my oils and mixed everything by hand before I added the lye( by hand).

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You recipe looks fine; that's just a lot of water. Are you stick-blending or stirring? I have tried stirring and it took too long to trace. As soon as I touched it with the stick-blender, it was instantly tracing.

If you've stick-blended for quite awhile already, the next step is to hot-process it. You can actually put your soaping bowl on a heating pad, or dump everything into a crock-pot or a stainless pot on the stove. If you'd rather not hot-process it, you can also just keep stirring, walk away for five minutes, come back and stir, and repeat until it is traced. But with that much water, I'd lean towards hot-processing.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.
Thank you @AliOop ! I dumped it out of the mold and into a big container. Ill look at it in the am and prepare to mash it up for hp . At least it doesnt smell terrible( read all the pine tar horror stories too).
I would always suggest doing pine tar as hot process. The chances of getting something pretty pourable using cold process aren't great, so I'd rather gloop HP than cp!
Thanks! I am not really skilled in hp as a regular go-to so will have to research. This batch had weirdwhite zappy bits so i pitched it and will start over later today
So update- I went back to a 2:1, increased the lard, added lavender eo bc the lard smell was killing me, prayed alot, wound up alternating stickblending with stirring and it poured like soap lol. Thanks for all the help & encouragement!

( ps the turtles/shells are bc a customer asked and helped design it )


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