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  1. Mericlesoapco

    Exfoliants settling in Pine Tar?? Help?

    I’ve been making Pine Tar now for a good 6 months. Just recently I’ve decided to make larger batches and now I’m getting exfoliants that are settling all the way to the bottom. What could cause this?
  2. A

    Pine tar Soap question

    Hi all I am trying to make my own pine tar Soap because I absolutely love the smell of it! I have found this recipe but I'm Vegan so don't want to use the Lard, would anyone be able to help me workout what I replace it with (no palm either) I am thinking the coconut oil and Shea could be...
  3. G

    Jewelweed Pine Tar best practice

    Newbie so sorry for ignorant questions. I've done a lot of research but need more clear answers. I began this adventure to create a great skin soap for my kids. Pine tar was the interest. This grew into a primary desire for a good acne soap for them which brought me to jewel weed. I'm honing in...
  4. Tiffany Wyatt

    First Batch Of CP Pine Tar Soap & Only My Second Batch Ever

    So last night I made my second batch of CP soap ever and decided that I was going to attempt pine tar soap!! o_O I know crazy right! In for a penny in for a pound! I researched for days first and decided on a recipe of oils that we love and that I thought would create a nice soap!!! I added some...
  5. CcSmith

    Pine Tar Soap

    Hello, Questions about the pine tar soap I attempted to make, I think it worked, but we will see. Here is the recipe i used, Olive Oil 17 oz Palm oil 16 oz Fractionated coconut oil 8 oz Lard 2 oz Sweet Almond Oil 4 oz Beeswax 4 oz Cocoa Butter 7 oz Pine Tar 4.5 oz My water and lye was...
  6. Shannon Dillman

    Hello pine tar

    Hi everyone: my name is Shannon, I haven’t posted many times but my goal is to try. I get a little nervous. However I really need to say how much I appreciate your knowledge and encouragement. I made my first pine tar soap and was so confused with all the different methods on the net. Then I...
  7. JonQ

    Pine Tar & Neem Oil CP Recipe

    I recently made a batch of Pine Tar soap using the following recipe. 60% Olive Oil 20% Coconut Oil 5% Castor Oil 15% Pine Tar I also added Activated Charcoal and I was very pleased with the results. I would like to make another small batch and introduce Neem Oil. My thought was 10% Pine Tar and...
  8. D

    Old Posts, New Questions

    I thought it'd be nice to have a place to note that there are new questions on older posts. I read some good info on a thread from 2013 and posted a question there that I realize nobody might see. :) But, hopefully, they'll see this one and go check it out!! It's in the Pine Tar Soap thread.
  9. A

    Pine Tar ?

    Hello All. I'm wondering what kind of Pine Tar i can use for CP soap ? i'm in UK and i can find only Pine Tar like a medicament for a horses. Also i'm wondering how mach i can use like a percentage , and when i can add it . Thanks
  10. M

    Hello from North Carolina

    Hello folks! New here and saying, hello! I've been making soap for several months now and have made about 20 batches. One thing I'm currently having a problem with is my pine tar soap "bleeding" in the shower. I've searched the forum to find a thread on this but haven't found one yet. I use...
  11. Nevada

    Roy’s First Pine Tar Soap

    Coconut oil 22% Lard 22% Olive Oil 44% Pine Tar 12% SF 6% 30% water to oils or 29.9% Lye Concentration No added Scent Method: Heated all oils, including PT and lye water to 140F Leaving out PT, soaped the three oils. Stick-blended 30 seconds about 4 times. Folded in 140f PT when...
  12. goji_fries

    Pine tar soap 10%

    Finally made one. Very cool :thumbup:. I made it at 10% but it smells sort of weak. I like strong fragrances maybe it'll be different when it dries and I use it in the shower? And WOW does the mix thicken fast when you stir in the PT, like less than a minute. What is your best percentage of...
  13. goji_fries

    Average percentage of pine tar in your soaps

    POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL : POLL Also: any essential oils you favor more in a PT soap? Unscented rules?!?!
  14. goji_fries

    Superfatting & curing times for Pine Tar soap

    Anything really different in your own experiences? Did you have to superfat less with pine tar? Were the curing times the same? Any oils work better in combination with PT for you? This scent drives me insane and I am reminded about making a batch or 10 but don't want to blow it. Thank you for...
  15. seven

    Other additives for pine tar soap?

    Was wondering if any of you who did pt soap ever threw in other additives to it, things that are supposed to be good for the skin, like oatmeal, honey, or goats milk? Do you think it's doable or would it be overkill? I just got my pt and going to make some soap with it tomorrow. it is for...
  16. M

    Pine tar soap and EO

    Hi all :-) Happy to have discovered the SMF! Recently my testers have asked about pine tar soap for psoriasis. Obviously I cannot claim on my packaging that it works for psoriasis, but I am certainly open to trying it if people want it. My question is this... On the video I found about pine...