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  1. Nevada

    Roy’s First Pine Tar Soap

    Coconut oil 22% Lard 22% Olive Oil 44% Pine Tar 12% SF 6% 30% water to oils or 29.9% Lye Concentration No added Scent Method: Heated all oils, including PT and lye water to 140F Leaving out PT, soaped the three oils. Stick-blended 30 seconds about 4 times. Folded in 140f PT when...
  2. M

    Help with Fast Trace

    Hello, I need help with my soap. I made papaya cold process soap here's my recipe: 11oz olive oil 4.4oz coconut oil 6.6oz palm oil 3.047oz Lye 7.26oz Liquid (i use 50% water i dissolve lye here, and then other 50% was the natural papaya juice) with 5% superfat these was my...