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Sep 21, 2018
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Hi everyone! I've made natural deodorant once only and following this recipe: equal parts of corn starch; baking soda; coconut oil; cocoa butter and a few drops of tea tree essential oil. However, my armpits got kind of itchy due to the baking soda I believe. Have you guys tried any similar recipe? Is there anything I can replace baking soda for?
Read the De-funk de pits that artemis gave the link for. It’s long but really worth the time. Quite a few of the members here have been using this deodorant, me included and it seems to work well for all who have tried it. I recommend giving it a try.
This recipe works really well.... it doesn't contain bicarb soda and its vegan:

12% Sunflower Wax
58% Coconut Oil
5% Calendula Infused Oil (olive, sunflower etc)
5% Chamomile Infused Oil
3% Zinc Ricinoleate (available from "Making Cosmetics" USA - if I can get it to New Zealand easily then anyone can!)
5% Arrowroot
5% Diatomaceous Earth
5% Magnesium Carbonate (chalk powder)
1% Vitamin E
0.5% Lemongrass & Lime EO (fragrance optional)

or if you prefer.... a spray version

63% Witch Hazel
20% Colloidal Silver
10% Aloe Vera Juice
5% "Deodorant Concentrate" (a water soluble version of Zinc Ricinoleate from "Making Cosmetics")
1% Naturagard Preservative
0.5% EO + Polysorbate 20 to solubilise (fragrance optional)

NOTE: Zinc Ricinoleate does not interfere with the natural flora of the skin - it is an odour neutraliser NOT a masking ingredient.