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  1. M

    Baking soda clumping in deodorant

    I came up with a deodorant recipe I absolutely love, but I keep having the issue of the baking soda making small little clumps in it after a few days. I use arrowroot powder and only 2% of the recipe is baking soda since it irritates my skin otherwise. I know it is the baking soda because my...
  2. S

    Could I make my Soap smell like one specific Deodorant

    Hello and a great Day to you :-) So I have this old Bottle of an old Axe Bodyspray that I used in my Teens, wich Smell is kind of important to me. They dont produce this anymore. So do you know if there would be a way to transfer the smell to Soap. Im a newbie to soapmaking, but I know there are...
  3. Amonik

    Fragrance Oil Ruined By Magnesium?

    Hello everyone! I've made a few sticks of deodorant using a base recipe of 50% magnesium hydroxide, 10% cetyl alcohol, and 40% sunflower oil. The first one was with lavender and frankincense and worked very well. When I used that up, I wanted a rose scented one, and made a full size stick right...
  4. Amonik

    Deodorant with flower water

    I’ve been trying homemade deodorants. Coconut oil + bicarb worked ok most days but some of my tops got grease stains. Coconut oil+ magnesium hydroxide didn’t seem as effective and the grease problem persisted. Third experiment was with rose water and mag. hydroxide. Only tried it for three days...
  5. BattleGnome

    Deodorant Duping

    I love the deodorant I made from the giant funky pits thread ( but my plumbing has other ideas. Instead of cleaning my pipes every month I picked up a Tom’s of Maine product without wax aluminum, or baking soda that I’m enjoying...
  6. soaprincess

    Natural deodorant

    Hi everyone! I've made natural deodorant once only and following this recipe: equal parts of corn starch; baking soda; coconut oil; cocoa butter and a few drops of tea tree essential oil. However, my armpits got kind of itchy due to the baking soda I believe. Have you guys tried any similar...
  7. Loqueris

    Hot filling help?

    Hey all, First time posting here. Hoping someone can help! I make and sell a natural deodorant product that’s coconut oil based. Currently, I melt all the ingredients in a large boiler and then hand pour the semi-viscous solution into the individual containers. It’s effective, but tedious and...
  8. catbinch

    Deoderant and chemical burns

    Hey lads, Ive been looking for an aluminum free deoderant all over amazon and at the grocery. Unfortunately, most reviews plus my own experience shows that a lot of them (even all natural/sensitive ones) cause chemical burns. Will homemade deoderant do the same thing? (sorry for my ignorance...
  9. BattleGnome

    Another deodorant thread - magnesium oil

    I mentioned in another thread that I had started to use magnesium oil as deodorant and a couple people asked for a review. I debated holding off on this because it's only been a week and I've had some interesting results. For those of you who weren't part of the conversation, magnesium oil...