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  1. S

    Conditioner Bars with ACV or Citric Acid?

    Hi everyone! I’ve been doing some research trying to figure out how to make a natural hair conditioner bar. Currently I am making my shampoo bars using cold process soap and so I want to figure out how to make a conditioner bar that is more acidic. Essentially, I want the conditioner bar to be...
  2. lyschelw

    Natural Vitamin E on Sale - 20% off - 3 days only.

    1oz, 4oz or 16oz of non-GMO, natural Vitamin E 20% off Sale ends 9/4/20 at 11:30pm or until supplies run out. No rain checks will be given. Use Code at checkout - VitE20% Let me know if you have any questions :)
  3. I

    Stability test

    Hey all! :) I am a new soap maker from Amsterdam, focused on using organic vegetable based oils and natural essential oils in my soap :thumbs: So nice seeing so many people interested is cold process and having fun doing so! I wondering if I can ask from your experience, if there's anyone in...
  4. soaprincess

    Natural deodorant

    Hi everyone! I've made natural deodorant once only and following this recipe: equal parts of corn starch; baking soda; coconut oil; cocoa butter and a few drops of tea tree essential oil. However, my armpits got kind of itchy due to the baking soda I believe. Have you guys tried any similar...
  5. C

    Hello it’s Courtney

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m a model in Nyc and started making soap and beauty products with a biochemist friend. I decided I wanted to make skincare and beauty products that were healthier. My job on a day to day basis is having chemical after chemical smeared onto my face...
  6. L

    Any MP base without coconut oil?

    Hey guys! I want to start making soap with a melt and pour base but I've only seen ones that include coconut oil. CO usually doesn't agree with my skin and I end up smelling a little funky. Do any of your know of a base that is free of it while still containing only natural ingredients? Thanks!
  7. UnderTheCupboard

    New to Forum :) Have a au natural B.B. question...

    Hello beauties! My name is Bianca, I’m new to this forum, and I am SO glad I came accross this while in search of help and suggestions. I believe this would be the best place to ask opinions from fellow artists! :) I’ve been making bath bombs for a little over a year now (which translates...
  8. T

    Air Pockets in Wax and Splitting/Canyon Formation

    I am Making a Beeswax candle for my family and friends and i am using a standard square like Jar but i have run into a serious problem! The candle does not burn properly and it looks terrible from the above perspective where you light it. There is a huge crack see image below along the sides of...
  9. M

    ISO a "Natural" Smelling Vanilla FO

    Hi everyone. I'm searching for a vanilla fragrance oil that has a very natural, non-chemical scent. Kind of like the old version of The Body Shop's Vanilla Perfume Oil. I've only heard a few other people complain about this, so I think this is just a case of us being hypersensitive, but my...
  10. NaturallyYou

    To Dye Or Not To Dye?

    I am already in love with this site - so many friendly people and lots of valuable information :) Another question I have is about soaps and dyes/colors... Eventually I want to have a variety of soaps in my arsenal, which I would love to make different colors to add to the "variety look." BUT -...
  11. D

    Pumpkin... But not for Hallows.

    I know that "tis the season" for folks to be eyeballing the pumpkin scents. But I'm looking for one that could be a bit more year round. If that makes sense? All of the pumpkin scents I've Googled seem to mention pies or cinnamon or sugar, stuff like that... But I'd like one that is just a...
  12. E

    How do I get a natural vanilla scent in M&P?

    So I've been researching this lately and while a natural vanilla scent doesn't seem to be easy to achieve in HP or CP, I can't find any information for M&P. I'd assume it works better for M&P since there is no reaction with lye to worry about. Has anyone had any success in using Vanilla...
  13. I

    Quick, easy, no heating required lotion / moisturiser recipe

    I was fortunate to speak to the cosmetic chemist who created Sucragel at SCS Formulate last week and picked up some formulating tips ....Quick, easy, no heating required lotion / moisturizer recipe :-
  14. A

    natural vanilla for cp?

    I would love to make a yummy, vanilla scented cp soap. Is there a natural way to do this? Also, any natural coconut fragrances out there? Thanks, this forum is amazing!
  15. skinbykenya

    fo help

    I made my first two batches of body butters with fo's i bought from etsy. The first supplier i bought from, the oils were good. I still have some of the pear body butter I made about three months ago and it still smells yummy. The second supplier....ugh. i bought a cotton candy oil and one week...
  16. F

    Name Headaches!

    So... I've had a HORRIBLE time comin up with a soap co. name. I plan to do small scale craft fairs, etc. local and for presents. I have did research, made batches, and tested samples *by lettin people use them* for the past few months. Now, I need a name. Here are a few ... what do ya'll...
  17. C

    Shampoo Bar tips for THICK HAIR

    My daughter has incredibly thick hair. Our hairdresser recommended a special kind of shampoo for "scalp treatment", just to make sure it cleans deep down to her scalp. Any tips on what I can add to my next shampoo bar batch to help with this? The soaps I make are all natural/organic-- I don't...
  18. C

    Vendor license in NJ

    Hello Everyone, We are anticipating setting up table at local markets in NJ for the Spring & Summer. Next year our goal is to set up booth at tradeshows in NY (but thats another story). Does anyone have experience setting up table in New Jersey. Its for soap & natural cosmetic (100%...
  19. S

    question about labeling melt and pour soap

    I have been making melt and pour soaps for about a year. I needed to quit my job to focus on my college studies full time. The soap making started out as a hobby but soon became a little money on the side. I already sold some soaps to family and friends but would like to start selling online...