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Oct 26, 2018
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Hello All,

I have created the following lotion formula, but unfortunately it is only preserved/good for 4 months. After that its smell starts to change and further on mold starts to show. Can you please help on is wrong/ missing with my formula or what ingredient should be added to 1/stabilize 2/preserve the formulation better. Thank you
Ingredients % w/w
Shea butter 1
Sweet Almond Oil 3
Coconut Oil 3
Stearic Acid 5.2
Emulsifying Wax 2.2
BTMS-50 0.6
Water 84
Preservative (Phenonip) 1
Ok, that's probably it. Phenonip doesn't work as well with the polysorbates and ceteareth 20. It's probably partially preserved but not well enough to last longer than the 4 months. You could try using only the BTMS 50 as your emulsifier or using another preservative (liquid germall plus is popular). Hope this helps!
I use Liquid Germall Plus and Optiphen Plus in most of my lotion recipes. Optiphen Plus is good at preserving against mold since it contains Phenoxyethanol and is good to use in wide mouth containers. I store my lotion in hdpe buckets so I need the extra boost from the Optiphen
I agree with the others about changing the preservative and/or the emulsifier. A couple more things to consider --

How are you packaging the lotion? Wide mouth jars for example are not good because dirty fingers dipping into the product will contaminate it. Use a container with a pump top or flip top lid.

Are you using good manufacturing methods to ensure your finished product starts out as sanitary as possible? The best preservative will not work well or for very long if there is a high microbial load in the product to begin with.

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