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  1. lyschelw

    Little Sale for you. 5% off select bath and body

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to give this wonderful community a little something extra. 5% off on New products. Sale ends Tuesday April 30th 2019. Use code "NEWBATH2" at check out Enjoy incredible products! Most are organic! Some are Fair Trade. We are very excited to add these to our line at...
  2. Brit B

    Help with a new lotion bar/ bath melt experiment

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and so far it seems super helpful and wonderful, so I'm excited to start getting involved. I had a wild idea for this new product I want to make (I won't give too many details yet in case it ends up a failure!) The gist is that I need to create a lotion bar...
  3. R

    Lotion Preservation problem

    Hello All, I have created the following lotion formula, but unfortunately it is only preserved/good for 4 months. After that its smell starts to change and further on mold starts to show. Can you please help on is wrong/ missing with my formula or what ingredient should be added to 1/stabilize...
  4. cmzaha

    Lotion Testing/Safety

    This is an edited version of a pm I recently sent and a couple of good standing members thought I should post it. I will mention no names but I am including some thoughts on lotion safety which I am frankly paranoid about due to immune issues and as we probably all know, my severe eczema issues...