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  1. H

    Lotions Melting?

    I’m a bit confused about the heat stability of lotions. I know that heat can compromise the stability of a lotion due to the oil/water molecules having more energy to separate, but what about melting? If I put a butter with a lower melting point, say Shea butter, in the lotion, and the lotion...
  2. PiperNigrum

    Optiphen made lotion super thin

    Hi (this is my first time using this forum), I just made a lotion that was 70% water, 9% avocado oil, and 3% each of E-wax and BTMS-50. I addded both fragrance and Optiphen plus at 1%. When I added the Optiphen it made the lotion become very runny. It was not liquid, but was a thin lotion...
  3. E

    Using Powdered Extracts in Lotions?

    Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker! Been getting into make body products during quarantine... unfortunately because said quarantine, certain ingredients I use are either hard to find or really expensive. Found a local place (voyageurs) that offers powdered extracts of all sorts...
  4. E

    Acacia gum as an emulsifier in lotion or cream?

    Hi everyone! Title says it all. Would that work? I have no recipe or anything for you to critique, but am looking for something to use as an emulsifier before I make it. I found a recipe online that uses only acacia gum as an emulsifier. I don’t know how well it would hold up though, so I just...
  5. homesteaders

    Interesting Study: Essential Oils & Extracts as Preservatives

    Here's an interesting study comparing Essential Oils, Extracts, and Methylparaben as preservatives. I'll post the link rather than the entire study. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/235988663_Essential_Oils_and_Herbal_Extracts_as_Antimicrobial_Agents_in_Cosmetic_Emulsion
  6. cmzaha

    Whew!!Lotion Save

    I would have been so angry if I had to dump 2 gallons of Pumpkin seed Emulsified Butter. It just did not want to stay together. I went downstairs and pouted for a while thinking about it. It occurred to me that I might have cut the water too much to keep the emulsification together since the...
  7. newlee

    PH of lotions and creams

    Does anyone test the PH of their lotions and creams? Just saw a video were that was suggested. Apparently, preservatives can cause lotions and creams to be acidic. The presenter's cream was less than 4 (tested with a meter) so she added a lye solution to bring it up to a little over 5 PH. Just...
  8. F

    Tussah silk

    Has anyone tried using tussah silk in lotion? I'm out of liquid silk. I just have foaming silk and no - not in my lotion. I have an entire bag of tussah silk. I want to add it to the water phase and strain when I combine the water and oil. Any thoughts? Is this stupid to attempt?
  9. R

    Lotion Preservation problem

    Hello All, I have created the following lotion formula, but unfortunately it is only preserved/good for 4 months. After that its smell starts to change and further on mold starts to show. Can you please help on is wrong/ missing with my formula or what ingredient should be added to 1/stabilize...
  10. Loralei

    Water, water, everywhere

    In going through some books, blogs, and the SMF, I'm seeing multiple types of water choices.. Recently, in a lotion making blog, I saw that reverse osmosis water is an option. I've been purchasing gallons of distilled water, and I also have a reverse osmosis filtration system.. have I been...
  11. cmzaha

    Hump Day Lotion

    Finally got around to making my lotion with hump fat, but no milk in it. I absolutely refuse to make milk lotions. Don't really want to use it either. Anyway the lotion feels a lot lighter than the original formula with just the little tweak of replacing 3% Avocado Butter with 3% camel tallow...
  12. G

    Can i use pigments (oxides) in lotionmaking?

    I've bought violet manganese oxide and found out that it reacts badly in cp, also i don't make melt and pour. To avoid wasting all of it, can i use to make lotion?
  13. asatish1888

    Witch Hazel In Lotion?

    Hi Everyone! I'm currently formulating a lotion recipe meant for both face and body. I got this idea to put witch hazel as an astringent since 1 of the oils that I want to use can have a clogging effect on the face. My skin LOVES Sunflower Oil! My face sucks it up as though it was begging for...
  14. cmzaha

    Proteins in Lotions

    I am just curious how many people that make lotions actually send out for challenge testing? I am curious because, since I am at the parents, I have been looking at sellers websites to see how their lotions are made. I have found many using proteins, aloe, oatmeal, starches, etc using Optiphen...
  15. G

    Thin lotions

    I am making lotion, and I have a problem I can’t figure out. I strive for a lotion that is not too thick because it is harder to apply. My first batch seemed great when I made it, but became very thin over time. The formula I tried in a second test is 80% water. The remaining 20% is a...
  16. S

    Lotion Candles?

    I am not a wax/candle expert by any means. But, yesterday I was at the Renaissance Festival and came across a booth that was selling TONS of Lotion Candles. I have never heard of lotion candles, so you can imagine my double-take. The candles are made of shea butter and soy wax. You light it...
  17. N

    Basic Facial Cream / Moisturizer Recipe (First post!)

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here. I'm scouring the Internet for a very basic lotion/cream recipe but I am coming up short. I am hoping to make it with aloe and shea butter. (Very advanced, I know XD) All I need to know is how many cups of carrier oils, aloe, shea butter, and emulsifying wax I would...
  18. S

    Stiff cream

    Hello Soapers, Creamers and all things fun! I have a problem with my creams that I was hoping someone could help me out with. I tried out a number of recipes from craftymonkey (bless her soul, her blog is bursting with information) but her cream recipes are not quite turning out right for me...
  19. F

    Aloe Juice & other additives in Lotion

    Hiya! Have started playing around with emulsified lotions and have a whole jug of aloe juice - am wondering how it is in lotion? Does it make it sticky? Also - can you use something like coconut milk in lotion? Are there special steps beyond heating & holding you need to do prior to...
  20. boricua3177

    Lotion (HLB) Calculator

    Hello All! Does anyone know of a good lotion HLB calculator? I know that Lotion Crafter has one that they sell for $30, is it worth the money? Thanks!