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  1. S

    Does the ingredients make a difference wrt skin care

    Hi, Thank you for this excellent forum. I have just typed up my basic recipe and have this basic doubt. Since, the chemistry involved convert the fats into soap, does the QUALITY of the fats in the ingredients make a difference wrt their action on the skin? I mean, apart from the physical...
  2. Kiya

    Oil cleanser recipes and polysorbates

    Hello everyone, A year or two ago I saw a thread on here where people posted their recipes for an oil cleanser. The most popular ones had a polysorbate in it to help emulsify the oil and help it rinse clean with water. I made one and loved my results. Quite sometime has gone by since I have made...
  3. S

    Body Butter Blend and Dead Skin

    Hello I am in desperate need of assistance. I made a body butter blend that consisted of 1/4 cup of Mango butter 2tbsp of Flaxseed Oil, 2tbsp of Olive Oil 1tbsp of Manuka Honey, teaspoon of liquid vitamin k 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil and Essential oils lavender,lemon and helichrysum Butter...
  4. R

    Lotion Preservation problem

    Hello All, I have created the following lotion formula, but unfortunately it is only preserved/good for 4 months. After that its smell starts to change and further on mold starts to show. Can you please help on is wrong/ missing with my formula or what ingredient should be added to 1/stabilize...
  5. KimT2au

    DIY skin care forum recommendations

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone here is a member of, or could recommend, a suitable forum or bulletin board for people making their own skin care products. I had a look via google and I didn't find much. I would be grateful for any recommendations. Kim