Kraft Soap Boxes - WSP or Elements B&B?

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Apr 28, 2016
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I was amazed at the price difference between an order for around 1000 kraft Soap Boxes between WSP and Elements Bath and Body! At WSP it was $115.89 for 1100 boxes with free shipping but it says it's an average of 30 days to get the product! Elements Bath and Body has 1000 for $250 with $42.50 shipping!

I have purchased these kraft boxes from Elements Bath and Body before and was satisfied with the product but never ordered them from WSP! Does anyone have experience with both of them and know what the quality of both their boxes are like? Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

I do !
1st, KNOW that the Kraft color can change.
I first bought WSP and it was the perfect shade of darker Kraft that I like. It took me several months to find the correct color label to match at a good price. Then my 2nd (1100 ) box it was super light. I actually sent it back (TY WSP) because no where in their listing does it say there may be a color variation. They called the manufacturer (probably china) and was told that right now they are running lighter colored kraft. I have noticed that the lighter color is not as well made as the darker.... but this may just be me so use Salt with that statement ;)
WSP OWNS CRAFTERS CHOICE. So they can keep the price super cheap.
1st Box (1100) came about 1 week later I think, I too was worried about the 30 day thing. 2nd Box (1100) came 3 days later. Their shipping has GREATLY improved and I think they are starting to listen to the customers on that.

I ended up re-ordering the lighter boxes (1100) because I could not find a cheaper price OR SIZE then WSP.

FYI, also note that the different boxes, window openings and solid boxes, are different sizes. Even the Rectangular box with rectangular window in front is still a bit too long (tall?) for my soaps and all the other boxes are too big but TOO thin (width) for my 1-1/4 width soaps :(
So Know Your Soap size and measure measure measure.

I also could not find the box I use on the Aliexpress China as some say you can find great prices there, even with shipping.
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I ordered the boxes from Elements Bath and Body and they were the exact same weight and thickness as they were when I ordered 1000 the last time. Thanks everyone for their replies and especially the one who had used boxes from both companies so I knew the WSP boxes were lighter in weight. I can't wait to set up my new project with them and start filling over 1200 boxes! Thanks!

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