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Ingredients For Sale Destashing FOs

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May 6, 2015
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I am selling these FOs together, and am not going to split them up, at least for now. Payment to be made through PayPal, and shipping to US contiguous 48 only. They will be shipped together in a USPS flat rate box, and the shipping will be approximately $14. I am asking $25 and have:

Havana Heat (2.75 oz)
Amber (2 oz)
Elements Bath & Body
Salty Sea Air (1.7 oz)
Santara Sandalwood (1.95 oz)
Micas & More (8 oz bottle that I don't think has been opened)
Ancient Incense
Fragrance Buddy (both are 8 oz bottles and it looks like up to an ounce of each was used for testing)
Sun and Sand
Clean Cotton

I am also including a jar of Bramble Berry ultramarine lavender oxide

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