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Nov 19, 2015
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Southeast MO
Hey guys! I've got a question that I hope someone can answer. I was buying these soap boxes from Element Bath and Body to package my soap with :

the trouble is though that I was paying about $36 SHIPPED for 100 boxes. Since WSP bought Elements, the cost for these boxes has very nearly doubled and I just can't do it anymore. I can buy off of Amazon as needed, but my preference is to support an independent supplier. Does anyone know a supplier that sells these boxes for a more reasonable price? Halp? Please? And thank you!
Yeah, I have them bookmarked because that's where I'll go if I have to. I was hoping to support another small soap supplier, but apparently the black window boxes are a sort of rare item. I can find the white ones everywhere, but I need black! LOL
Yep - I hear ya. I found lots of white and plain brown boxes and so realized you probably weren't just looking for any windowed soap box, but preferred the black, which I think I'd prefer too!
I have bought these ones from two wild hares, and the ones from Elements, but don’t remember if they are the same size. They have free shipping with a $35 order. 100 For $26
She's only got white and kraft boxes; that's been the whole issue. I can find white and kraft everywhere, but for my branding I need black.

If the supplier TheGecko pointed me to gets back to me and tells me they can't cut the boxes I need, I'll check with TWH to see if she can get them in black.
Have you checked places like Aliexpress? Sometimes I can find odd things there that don't seem to be carried by other suppliers. It's a bit hit and miss with shipping times - sometimes I get things in 2 weeks, sometimes 6 weeks, but I haven't yet not received anything.