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  1. StoneCottageSoapworks

    Kraft Soap Boxes - WSP or Elements B&B?

    I was amazed at the price difference between an order for around 1000 kraft Soap Boxes between WSP and Elements Bath and Body! At WSP it was $115.89 for 1100 boxes with free shipping but it says it's an average of 30 days to get the product! Elements Bath and Body has 1000 for $250 with $42.50...
  2. E

    Nurture soap supplies molds

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you professional soapmakers are using the nurture supplies wooden mold with sillicone liner. I got my eye on the 15 pound triple loaf mold. I'm just wondering if it would be harder to get a complete gel with it since the sillicone walls are heavy...