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Jun 11, 2014
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San Jose, CA
This is the 2nd batch of HP soap I've made. I built a hex shaped mold out of wood and hinges and covered with heat resistant mylar (10 mil thick).


The soap really stuck to the mylar though and I had to use quite a bit of force to separate the column of soap from the mold causing me to bend 2 of the brackets I had holding the mold together.


The soap itself came out pretty good despite these difficulties however. The smell is pretty nice with a peach being prominent and the almond lesser. (I used 1.5 oz peach FO and 0.5 oz almond FO.) The color also came out pretty good and seems consistent with what I think of as a peach color. (I used 32 drops of FD&C yellow #5 and 4 drops of FD&C red #40 in a 3 pound batch. I put the dye in with the FO before adding that to the batch near the end but the dye didn't mix with the FO. I think next time I'll try adding the dye to the lye water since the dye seems to be water (but not oil) soluble.


I'm really not happy with how the soap stuck to the mylar. I was expecting a much easier time getting the soap out of the mold. I think I'm going to try to buy some teflon sheets instead of mylar and see how that goes.

That is really cool, what a ingenious idea. Before you go through the work of relining it, try a very thin layer of mineral oil on the mylar. That should really help the mold release easier.
I'd love to see a picture of the mold assembled if possible:)
That is a very clever mold! Did you have much seepage through the sections?
Negligible seepage between panels.

Overall the idea worked well, just the problem with getting the soap out of the mold. I will try the mineral oil idea suggested by Obsidian and let you know how that goes. I really like the way the hex shaped bars feel in my hand so I hope I can get this to work.

I cleaned and repaired the mold and took a picture of it standing on my garage floor.

That is really cool! Any chance you'll be making those for sale?? {Hint, hint} I wish I had the patience and skills to produce molds like that.
Wow, that is one ambitious mold.....nice skills! Hopefully you'll have better luck with the mylar releasing as you go along.

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