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  1. Karmic

    Trial By Fire - red mica test batch

    So a lot of people have been talking lately about suggestions for red micas for CP and of course, this new one from Nurture has come up quite a bit. Since I managed to get it in and many are curious about it I decided to do a test batch and post the results here for people to see. Look at...
  2. SoapWelding 2019June16

    SoapWelding 2019June16

    Soap Welding experiment based on Grace's technique as described in her eBook and this video: Cut into 3 pieces & welded back together via water at joins, tightly wrapped in plastic wrap & into 200° oven for 10-20 minutes, then cooled.
  3. C

    Red Colorant for CP

    Does anyone have suggestions for a true red colorant for CP soaping? All the best, Cynthia
  4. sanjosedave

    HP Hex shaped almond peach

    This is the 2nd batch of HP soap I've made. I built a hex shaped mold out of wood and hinges and covered with heat resistant mylar (10 mil thick). The soap really stuck to the mylar though and I had to use quite a bit of force to separate the column of soap from the mold causing me to...