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  1. SpaceCorgi94

    Coconut layered/themed hexagonal soap (w/ dynamic top)

    So more of the hexagonals today! And an extremely small batch at that too (3 soaps in total) I think I really like this batch recipe. It sets quite hard quite quickly. Not as hard as the first time I used it, although there was quite a bit more water added to it this time that may have altered...
  2. SpaceCorgi94

    Hexagonal mold soaps

    So I de-molded my 3rd batch the other day! Initially I'd planned on the colour gradient going from White > Grey > Black, but, I made a blunder and got some grey in my white and now they're just a range of greys which.... I'm kinda happier with actually?? At first I was a little shocked when I...
  3. sanjosedave

    HP Hex shaped almond peach

    This is the 2nd batch of HP soap I've made. I built a hex shaped mold out of wood and hinges and covered with heat resistant mylar (10 mil thick). The soap really stuck to the mylar though and I had to use quite a bit of force to separate the column of soap from the mold causing me to...