It’s been awhile so here’s a variety of soapy pics 🌸

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Sep 14, 2022
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Northern CA
Hi all - finally got around to taking some soap pics. I kept saying, “oh, this is that last one” only to find that I hadn’t photographed another batch that is in the curing area 😂🤣😂

So for your viewing pleasure, let’s get caught up…. 🌸

DH says this one looks like Laugh In (if you are old enough to know 1968-1973 American TV) - still testing out the disks in my pull though set. This one has the pole on the side. For what it lacks on perfect pull through appearance, it smells out-of-sight yummy - Watermelon Sugar by BB.

Next up, is a center Line Pour that I used all blue micas on with a FO that discolors to yellow. It matches the scent - Soothing Aloe & Green Tea.

Here’s one that I thought would have more definition in the drop swirl colors but the blue, green and gold really didn’t pay off as I expected them to. The FO is NS Afternoon Tea, so it does smell very nice.

Continuing on…. I got a trial size of Nirvana FO by NS and made a small batch with colors that reminded me of flannels and this crazy rain that just keeps coming this way.

Still more to go, hang in there…. this pretty in pink and purple soap I did 4 pots with shades of pink&purples with TD. FO is BB Love Spell. 🥰

Last one - finally it’s the grand finale. Here’s my Lavender Patch. It’s about 60% lavender and 40% patchouli and it does smell nice. ☺️

Wow wow wow wow wow!! And I even see some beveling action going on!! All of 'em are incredible, even the ones you had different expectations for. Am partial to the Laugh In one and yes I know what Laugh In is!