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aussie soaper

Dec 6, 2007
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Hi I’m new to soap making but in my eyes I’ve already run into a major dilemma. The soap is cut straight but I need to trim the soap because i did not line the mould to well and its convex in the middle because i waited to long after trace pour. Do you guys have any tips to trimming etc?

Ill upload pics when ive found the camera cable
I use an electric meat or deli slicer to square up my bars and trim the rough off. Works pretty good for beveling edges too.
Thnx for the reply phillipJ, I trimmed my second batch so much better now there nice and even with no curvey edges :) . Now to try and make a plane :? .
You from down south Aussie Soaper? Which way does the water swirl when you pull the plug out of the bath tub?
Yeah I live down under the best and only place to be :D
By the way I can’t seem to get the water to swirl in my toilet but according to google… google says it’s a myth :shock: ,well i never.

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